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Why Small Business Owners Need SEO

Everyone talks about how important it is that ALL businesses invest in SEO, but do they really need to? There was a time that a company could truly thrive without SEO, much less a website. Now, business owners that don’t market their services through search engines will have a very difficult time scaling their business. 

We hear a lot of excuses from business owners about why they don’t feel SEO is important for their industry. Some will say that they are mostly referral based. Even in those cases, it is essential that you are showing up in search results. Someone can type in your name or your company name and not be able to find you because you aren’t even ranking for your own name!

Aside from being found by those that are intentionally looking for you, there are many other reasons that you need to invest in SEO. 

1. Organic Search Brings New Customers

What’s the first thing you do when you are looking for a new restaurant to try, the closest gas station, or someone to come spray for the ant infestation in your house? You Google it. Whether you use a search browser or maps, you are relying on the internet to give you the answer. 

When you search for something online and then click on a result, that click is classified as organic traffic. As you know from your own search habits, people will most likely choose a site that’s near the top and has a relevant description. When you do what is necessary to be at the top of search results, you will increase the number of warm leads coming to your site. 

2. Following SEO Guidelines Provides Users a Better Experience

The entire reason that search engine optimization exists is to provide users with the best possible experience. Surely, you’ve searched for something and landed on a terrible website that wasn’t laid out well. But, how often does that happen? Probably not very often, because Google changes its algorithms every few months to weed out poor user experiences. 

When you invest in SEO, changes to your website will have to be made in efforts to serve the reader better. This is why the team here at WPamplify conducts site audits every month for our clients. We are always looking for things on the website that will cause someone to click away. 

3. Organic Keywords Help You Interpret How Google Sees You

Our clients will often ask us why they are ranking for irrelevant keywords and not the ones they want. This is because they have left it up to Google to interpret their content without taking the necessary steps to help it out. SEO takes into consideration the bots that crawl the site and gather information so it understands what services and products you are offering. 

4. It’s a Long-Term Strategy With a Great Payoff

One of the things that keep people from hiring an SEO company is the cost. They see it simply as marketing dollars being spent without much return in the beginning. Since it takes 3-4 months for Google to recognize changes on your site, you must see this as a long-term investment. By putting in the time and energy now, your site can see tremendous gains in years to come. 

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