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3 Reasons Why Blogging Is Important To Your Online Business

WPamplify can offer you accurate results for your small business. We specialize in WordPress SEO, WordPress Support, WordPress Website, and Full-Service blogging.  Now, you may wonder how a blogging service can help your online business.

Blogging can bring new visitors to your website and entertain your current customers. It can keep your website fresh and up to date, generate leads and create opportunities for your website to be shared. One of the big things blogging can do for your online business is to boost your search engine optimization. 

Boost Your SEO

Search engines love to provide searchers with fresh and valuable content. What better way to help your SEO than by having fresh and frequent blog posts on your website. By having blogs consistently posted, you allow Google and other search engines’ new content to index. You also create opportunities to plug in those keywords to increase your visibility on all the search engine results pages. 

A bonus to blogging is backlinks, as other websites begin to link to articles on your website. This adds fuel to your SEO because search engines like Google consider backlinks as an endorsement of your website’s authority. Win-win situation. 

Develop Relationships

Blogging can allow you to connect with the visitors to your website, whether they are returning customers or established customers. This can be achieved by asking your readers questions at the end of your blogs to get conversations flowing. You can also allow comments and feedback on your blogs. If you are reviewing and responding to your reader’s comments and questions, you can build rapport with your audience. This helps you gain trust, gain insight into what your customers want, and lead to you getting more customers. 

Provide Value For Your Readers

One significant benefit of blogging can provide your customers with value and information to help them. Posts that help them solve problems, tips to make their life easier, fun things to do with their kids, or ways to clean the home, Blogs of this type are far more interesting than some in your face ads. 

When it comes to writing your blogs, make sure you relate the content to the products you offer and give solutions in subtle but helpful ways. By taking your time and energy to provide beneficial content for free, your customers will likely choose your company over and over. They may also refer other customers to you based on your blogs alone. 

Want to provide more valuable information? Put customer testimonial posts and blogs on your site. This could give potential customers the extra push they need to take the next step and purchase your product.

An excellent point to remember when writing your blogs is to keep them informative for your readers. Do not do blog posts that are simply product promotions and service pitches; readers are usually not interested in these blogs.

Every time you write and post a blog to your website, you create opportunities for your audience to share your blog with others. They may link your post, tweet it, or even email it to others. That gives you free marketing and validates you as a credible business. 

From a practical standpoint, blogging is just a great resource. With little effort and expense, you can build credibility, boost your search engine rankings, increase your website traffic and grow your relationship with potential and existing customers. Blogging is an opportunity no business should pass up. 


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