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What Does Your Monthly SEO Services Include?

Have you ever spoken to an SEO company and couldn’t understand what they offered as part of their service? Here at WPamplify, we ensure our clients know what to expect from our SEO services each month. Also, we send monthly reports with a list of the work we’ve done, new content we’ve written, and more. 

Here’s a complete look at what we offer as part of our monthly SEO services.

New Content Pages or Blogs

We believe one of the fastest ways for your website to rank in search results is to add content to your website. Having a robust site with content for all of your services, blogs that answer your customer’s questions, and local pages to target nearby communities will set you apart from your competition. 

Many SEO companies don’t offer content writing as part of their services. However, WPamplify has a strong in-house writing team that handles all of our content. Our writers know how to write with SEO best practices, so your pages have a better chance of ranking. 

Optimize Existing Pages on The Site

Even if you’ve had SEO done on your website in the past, optimizing the pages on the site every few months can bring you great returns. Adding additional information about your products or services makes for an excellent page update. But, simply adding keywords that your competitors have on their content pages will help a page rank in search results. 

Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Google My Business (GMB) is a free listing platform that acts as your second website. This is the listing that shows up in search results above websites. It’s a highly prized position because many people look at those listings and scroll no further to see the web pages underneath. Your website may rank for the terms, but if someone else’s listing shows up above it, you are losing out on many potential customers. 

We have a full SEO service for GMB that we’ve seen increase leads and clicks to our client’s websites in a short amount of time. As part of our website SEO service, we also work on the listing because it helps the website increase traffic. 

Backlinks and Citation Building

Backlinks are still a significant ranking signal to Google. A backlink is anytime another website links back to a page on your site. This could be any page, and it doesn’t have to be the home page. It’s good to get links back to as many pages on your site as possible. 

As part of our SEO strategy, we link to all of your pages, blogs, and any new content that we write. This strategy helps those pages build authority and rank faster and higher. 

Contact Us Today For SEO

WPamplify works with companies of all sizes to provide monthly SEO support. We are not a contract-based company, so you can sign up for services and cancel at any time. Reach out to us through our contact form here. One of our SEO experts will get back to you as soon as possible!