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What are Small Business Advantages Owners Might Not Know About?

When it comes to business, size does not matter. Although big corporations often get a lion’s share of the glory, there are some distinct advantages to having a small business. Yes, corporations get tax breaks. People who work for big corporations have lots of exposure to people who can help them through the workday. There is also obvious growth potential associated with big businesses. However, owning a small business has many advantages that larger companies simply cannot offer. If you are asking yourself, “What are small business advantages owners might not know about?” keep reading. The following are several answers to that question.


There is far more flexibility in a small company than in a large one. Since there are fewer people involved with a smaller company, there is less bureaucratic conflict with which to contend. Therefore, managers can respond to issues in a timelier manner since there is much less red tape to deal with. Small businesses can act and react to changes much more quickly than a big business can, so they often can get a leg up on their competition – even if the competition is a much larger conglomeration with more resources.

Personal relationships

By their nature, small companies have fewer people working for them than their larger counterparts do. Therefore, it is easier to develop strong bonds with other people in the organization. Many small businesses offer an atmosphere where owners, managers, and employees band together and act more like a family than a business. Larger companies often spend thousands of dollars on team-building exercises to create bonds between their workers that occur naturally in small businesses.


People often start their own businesses to have an outlet for their passion for something. When an entrepreneur truly feels a passionate about something, those strong feelings become apparent in the work that is produced. It also creates opportunities for other who share the same passion. Somewhere along the line, big businesses lose that intense feeling for the product or service. It becomes muddled among a large number of employees and managers who all have different ideas and visions.

Niche markets

Big companies consistently strive to be everything that everyone needs. This mindset is fine when there are enough employees available to cover all of the bases. But, even the biggest numbers and hardest workers cannot please everyone all the time, and big companies often fail at being able to make everyone happy. Small businesses have the luxury of catering to smaller groups of people. The target market of a small business is often a small niche of consumers who are looking for something specific. A small business can hone in on that niche market and focus on constantly delivering exactly what those people need.

Local contributions

The adage that charity begins at home rings true with small businesses. Small businesses tend to put more money back into their communities. The charitable contributions they make usually benefit their communities in some way. Small business owners also generate more money for their local economies and make their communities’ economies more resilient, which benefits all of the local residents as well as the global economy.

Easier to start up

No one who wants to start a business is truly looking for the easy row to hoe. However, it is always better to take the path of least resistance, especially when it comes to something as involved as starting a business. The costs are lower to start a small business, which is always an important consideration at the outset of such a large venture. Someone who is at the beginning stages of starting a business can put in part-time hours until everything is up and running and still get a great deal accomplished. Some small businesses do not even need a physical location because everything can be done online.

Close Contact with consumers

Large companies often have several departments and different procedures that can result in frustration for a customer who is trying to get help with an issue. Since small companies have fewer people working for them, there is more direct contact with customers. As a result, customers can more easily develop strong working relationships with various members of a small business. This results in better customer service and stronger, long-term relationships with customers.

Small businesses are as equally important as large businesses. Although it may seem that large corporations have all the advantages, it is simply not so. Small businesses trump larger ones in many ways. If you are currently a small business owner or are interested in starting your own business, WP Amplify is here to help you. We know the unique needs of small businesses and have proven solutions to help any small business succeed. Contact us today to see how we can help you.