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What Can I Do To Increase Traffic To My Website?

Whether you’re a small business owner or a major corporation, increasing traffic to your website is essential for your business. Increasing traffic can help you gain readers and allow you to help more people with your products and services. Here are some top tips to help you increase traffic to your website and boost your business rankings. 

Create Evergreen Content

It’s difficult to expect more people to visit your website if you’re not creating valuable content for your readers. You will notice an increase in website traffic if you have a blog where you can publish content that informs your readers and keeps them returning to your website. Whether your business offers products or services, a business blog is essential to boost your rankings. 

Evergreen content is valuable content you create for your reader. This type of content will keep them coming back to your website. Using irresistible titles, guest writers, and stunning visuals within your content will also keep readers returning to see what you offer. 

Keep Your Content Fresh

While it’s important to create lasting content that will always prove valuable to your readers, it’s helpful to create fresh content. Fresh content with a current date or new title can bump your website higher with Google. Add new images, keywords, links, and resources to freshen your content and boost your traffic. 

Use SEO to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is non-negotiable for any website. This practice optimizes your website and helps it stand out and rank higher with search engines like Google, Yahoo, and others. Here are a few examples of how you can use SEO on your service pages and within your content. 

Focus On Keywords and Phrases

Targeting keywords and phrases that relate to your products and services can increase website traffic for your business. You can use these within your blog content and on your website service pages. The key is to place these keywords where they will most optimize your content and allow the search engines to rank them higher. A few places you can use them include:

  • Meta description
  • Title 
  • Name files
  • Within the first paragraph of your content
  • In your content headers

Keyword strategies can help search engines recognize your content and make it more visible to your readers. 

Update Your Website

Have you ever noticed that your website takes a long time to load? If so, updating your website can increase your speed and your website traffic. Page structure, image files, and plugins can affect your traffic and reduce your website speed if they are not updated. 

Using Google’s Insights Tool can help you evaluate the health of your website and whether it has a slow speed. Improving your website speed helps Google boost more traffic your way and allows your readers to see more of your content. 

List Your Business With Google

Adding a Google Business Profile listing for your website is another helpful way to increase traffic to your website. However, simply adding it is not enough to boost your visibility. You must optimize your listing and keep it updated to help drive more visitors your way. 

  • Focus on consistent information in all listings
  • Promptly respond to reviews
  • Include pictures
  • Regularly update your information

These are a few things to focus on when listing your business information with Google. You can also include your listing with other popular directories and on social media. 

We Can Help You Increase Your Website Traffic

The team at WPamplify is ready to help you take the next steps to increase your website traffic and your customer base. Whether you need help with blogging, publishing, or hosting, we have the services you need for your website. Contact us today to learn more about our services.