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Ways to Get Your Website to Rank For Position 0

Ranking for position 0 has become a highly coveted position in Google search. This is because the result gets you at the very top of the page. Here at WPamplify, we’ve seen several of our clients rank for this position. 

Here is the strategy we’ve used to help them get there.

Focus on Featured Snippets

A featured snippet is displayed in the search results and has an answer to the user’s question. In order to get a snippet feature, you need to write a concise enough answer to the question and hit the main highlights. Generally, a featured snippet is 40-50 words or roughly 300 characters. 

These snippets can appear in position 0 as well as in a dropdown of other questions that people ask. 

Create FAQ Style Questions in Your Content

We like to use Answer The Public to give us a list of relevant questions that people are searching for. All you need to do is put your main keyword for the page in the search bar and it will pull up a list of questions. Aim to answer 4-5 of these questions with short answers. This will give you a greater chance of coming up in position 0 or any of the snippet preview slots. 

Target Multiple Long-Tail Keywords

It’s not uncommon for our clients to have a piece of content that’s ranking for more than one keyword combination. We’ve seen them show up in position 0 for several long-tail keyword phrases. 

If you see that one of your articles is gaining traffic, then you’ll want to go in and add related search phrases to it. 

For example, if you are ranking for position 0, you could add in other variations of that phrase such as position 0 featured snippet or position 0 snippet. This will give you a chance to rank for all of these phrases in the top search result. 

Position 0 Case Study

Our client, Sevan Locks & Doors has actually seen their post, Reasons Your Garage Door Light Won’t Shut Off, get into the top position for several keyword combinations. It can be seen in that top result for phrases like, garage door light won’t shut off and garage door opener light won’t turn off.

Give Real Information in Your Content

Keeping the information in your blog post will not get you in the top place. Give the reader detailed answers and action points they can use. If they come to your article and you just gave them the run around on answers, they’ll click away and go to the next result. However, if they stay on the page longer, it tells Google that the information is valuable. 

Upgrade Blogs That Are Getting Traffic

If you notice that a blog on your site is getting traffic, then it’s a good candidate for an upgrade. You’re basically adding fuel to the fire with this type of strategy. Giving Google more of what it wants will usually produce good results for you. 

In order to upgrade the content, you will need to: 

Do Additional Keyword Research

See what the post is already ranking for and add in related search terms. We like to use Ubersuggest and the Google Search Console to show us what pages are doing well and what top search terms bring them clicks. We pick the search term that’s doing the best and find the related keywords. Just plug that main keyword into Google and see what other phrases come up. Add those phrases into your existing content.  

Keep The Original Content in Tact

It’s important that you don’t re-write the content in your blog post or on your page. Otherwise, you could wipe out the phrases that are causing the page to rank. Instead, add your related keywords into the existing content where it makes sense. 

Add More Sections

The best thing you can do to upgrade your content is to add more sections into the post. One of the ways we do this is by adding a section for commonly asked questions. We use questions we’ve found on Answer the Public and write answers to about 4-5 searched phrases. 

Publish With The Current Date

Only publish your content with the current date if you’ve done a big update to the original post. Aim to add 300-400 words to the page before you update the date. 

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