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Ways for Manufacturers to Boost Marketing Productivity

A top priority for manufacturing businesses it measuring their output. Everything should happen seamlessly to produce a superior product that is ready to enter the marketplace and become profitable. A similar approach can be taken by manufacturers to boost their marketing productivity. It can become easy to focus strictly on the demands of daily operations. In the meantime, the competition is taking over more prospective customers. Consider these ways to vamp up your marketing efforts.

Have a Recognizable Brand

A recent article in Manufacturing.net outlined ways to increase manufacturing output. One of the first suggestions was improving your use of raw material. When it comes to marketing, your raw materials are a website and printed items such as business cards and brochures. These raw materials need to be compelling and consistent. Your website should be streamlined and navigable with an updated blog. This ensures your website always has fresh content that get found by search engines and actual readers. Printed materials should match the logo and design of your website for a professional feeling. Use the same logos and colors to brand your business. Finally, establish a business profile on leading social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The voice of your social media profiles should reflect the essence of your manufacturing brand.

Information and Bonuses

The second suggestion for increasing your output was to offer incentives. This also applies to your manufacturing marketing. People respond to advertisements when they have something to get out of them. Offer a free report, ebook or coupon for a free item. Send pens or magnets in the mail with your brochures and business cards. Send email marketing messages with a limited time only offer to encourage recipients to take action right away. Address the recent questions of your target market in your updated brochures and blog entries. Show you care about what they want and are ready to deliver it. When people can rely on you for the facts and a few freebies along the way, they are more likely to become loyal customers to your manufacturing business.

Roll with the Changes

The third tip in the article advises manufacturers to go with the flow. You also have to roll with the changes in the marketing world. The search engines are constantly changing their algorithms. As a result, the online marketing campaign that worked last year is unlikely to be effective today. For example, using excessive keywords was a way to rank well on the search engines a couple of years ago. Now this can cause your website to get downgraded. Keywords need to be used wisely in the title, tags and sprinkled lightly throughout the content. Social media is playing a larger role in marketing campaigns than ever before. The only constant in the marketing world is ongoing change. Much like your need to develop more innovative and cost-effective products, your marketing efforts needs to be mixed up every few months for them to work.

Outsource Your Marketing Needs

At this point, you probably feel overwhelmed with the magnitude of work and research required to establish a viable marketing campaign. The final piece of advice in the Manufacturing.net article is to get help. The same holds true for your marketing endeavors. Outsource the work to a marketing professional with experience in WordPress, SEO and web design. A marketing expect should be be savvy with social media and offer ways to boost your business presence online and offline. Adding an extra few hours to your day is impossible but you can find a marketing pro who will do a great job and won’t make you sign any long-term contracts. Ask about their strategies and what type of work they do for their current clients. When you find a marketing expert you trust, let them take the ball and run with it. In a few months, you are sure to see increased lead generation and higher rankings on the leading search engines. This makes it a worthy investment in your manufacturing business.

[box type=”shadow”]Main Takeaway: Improving your marketing efforts is much like increasing your manufacturing output. You need to provide meaningful information on the right platforms, constantly update your marketing approach and enlist assistance when necessary.[/box]