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Using Small Business Marketing Tools Such as Twitter for Engagement

It’s no secret that social media is essential to your business. Each social media platform comes with unique tips and strategies to make the most of it. Social media websites are all set up differently, and there are many ways to engage more people through these channels. Use social media as an effective marketing tool as part of your overall marketing strategy. Twitter can be a great marketing tool, but it is the most unique out of the social media platforms in terms of how it works. Here are some ways to use it to help make your business more successful.

Choose an Appropriate and Business-centric Name

Choose a username that is relevant to your business and straightforward. You want to make it easy for your customers and potential customers to find you.

Company Name or Variation

A good idea is to use your company name or a close variation of it. This way, people know that they’ve found the correct Twitter account. From there, it’s an easy proposition interact with your business.

Set Up Your Account

Put a lot of thought into creating your profile. Your company description needs to be 160 characters or less, to make the most of your word limit. Each word counts on Twitter.

Add the Website and Logo

You should describe your company and products or services succinctly and efficiently. Don’t forget to have your company’s website in your description as well. Use your company logo as your picture or avatar as the background image.

Follow Relevant Users

Next, you need to interact with the others on Twitter. By following those who are relevant to your business, you gain additional followers yourself.

Attract Followers

The more followers you have, the more credible your Twitter account becomes. People recognize that they’re following the right account when your account becomes relevant. Follow your competitors to get an idea of what kind of things they tweet about.

Interact With Others

You need to interact with those on Twitter in other ways. Take the initiative and read the tweets of others.

The Power of Retweeting

Retweet things that you like that are applicable to your business. By retweeting others’ posts, it will encourage them to retweet yours and further your exposure. Whenever someone interacts with you, either by following you or sending you a message, make sure to answer. You should respond within 24 hours to those who interact with you. That’s because Twitter posts don’t remain relevant for very long.

Tweet Often and Concisely

Start off by tweeting at least once a day. Twitter is different than other social media sites in that it tends to move much faster. It’s more like a stream of news stories.

Keep the Posts Coming

Your tweets will easily be lost among the others. Once you see how well once a day works, you can adjust the frequency of your posts from there. Keep an eye on the internal analytics platform to assess how well people receive your tweets.

Use Hashtags Correctly

The nature of Twitter is the hashtag. When used correctly, hashtags help you reach those who may be interested in your company.

Picking Up Relevant Topics

Hashtags also let people pick up on certain topics that are relevant to your company. The correct use of hashtags help you gain followers. Only use two or three per tweet. You can also search out certain hashtags and interact with people there as well.

Create a Plan

Create a plan for your tweets and post at the best times. It’s important to tweet about topics that your potential customers or clients care about when it comes to making the right kinds of posts. Use your tweets to guide people back to your blog when you post new items in the blogosphere.

Business Updates

Tweet when you have business updates. It’s important that you add value to someone’s experience with your Twitter posts. Valued Twitter posts make people want to follow you. Post interesting pieces about your company and employees, and share articles or industry news. Showing that you connect with relevant pieces means others see you as informative and a leader in your industry. Since Twitter moves really fast, you should plan your tweets ahead of time and post them at the time that makes the most sense to interact with potential customers.

Use Polls

The ability to create a poll is a relatively new feature for Twitter. It’s a great opportunity to find out what others are thinking about with regards to you and your brand.

Get the Facts for Your Business Development Purposes

Polls can help you with planning new products. It’s a great way to put out a feeler or just ask a simple question. Polls are fun for your followers and can greatly benefit you.

Take advantage of the potential of Twitter and see more success as you interact with your potential clients and customers. Consider hiring a service that can handle this aspect of your business marketing so you have the best possible results without investing the time and effort yourself.

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