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How to Use Digital Marketing to Keep Customers Coming Back for More

The lifeblood of any company is customers, particularly repeat customers. In today’s age of advanced technology, one of the best ways to attract and keep customers is through digital marketing. The first step you need to take is to determine what sets your business apart for your competitors. Then, employ the following strategies via digital marketing and you’ll be on your way to solidifying your repeat customer base.

Provide “staple” products or services that your customers need

Staples are the products and services your customers can’t do without. Staples are usually industry specific, once you determine what the staples of your business are, make sure you provide them in a better way than your competitors can. Then, send out email blasts, e-newsletters, and take to social media to let your customers know you have it.

Deliver positive memorable customer experiences

Everyone has had both positive and negative experiences as customers. Usually the bad experiences get much more attention than the good ones do. Strive to make all of your customers’ experiences good ones and encourage positive feedback. Forbes suggests offering opportunities for testimonials and request customer feedback. Once you gather all the positive statements, spread the news around. Post the positive news on your website or the company’s Facebook page. Track any comments you might receive on review boards and make concerted efforts to correct any issues you find complaints about and highlight the good reviews that come through.

Nurture existing customers

Be sure to continue to entice the business of existing customers. Send emails that offer discounts on future purchases to customers who have already spent money with your business. This practice will bring a two-pronged effect. Your existing customers will be happy they’re getting a special deal and your business will make additional sales.

Give incentives for more frequent purchases

Customers like getting a deal. Consider using social media and other digital marketing outlets to advertise incentives. Encourage customers to “like” you on Facebook or “follow” your business on twitter by offering deals that are exclusive to followers but also tied into frequency. For example, offer Facebook followers a discount on every fourth purchase.

Use social media to educate

According to Social Media Examiner, it is equally important to use social media to educate customers about the products and services a business offers. One way to do this is to feature a different product or service on a rotating basis. This will give you an opportunity to highlight your products and let your customers know why they should care about them.

Send relevant follow-up messages

Be sure to use digital marketing to reach out to customers after they have made a purchase or used a service. A short email thanking a customer for their business and requesting feedback shows that you care and are interested. This small action can go a long way in getting a customer back in the door.

Measure your success

Be sure to keep accurate data on all of your digital marketing efforts. Take note of what works and what doesn’t. Make sure you read and apply customer feedback. Keep making adjustments based on your data and feedback until you’ve reached a favorable level of customer satisfaction.