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The Ultimate Guide to Advertising Your Montvale NJ Business Online

No matter what kind of business you’re running, you need to build your online platform and then make sure to take care of it. There are key areas you need to pay attention to when you build your online presence. These areas include your business website and your social media accounts. There are extensive considerations for both of these areas. Each facet requires a little time and effort to get running, but the results are well worth it. Consider the steps in this ultimate guide to advertising your Montvale NJ business online.

Montvale, NJ

Build a Great Website

The first major step to advertising your Montvale NJ business online is to build a great website to represent it.

Pick your domain name

Make sure that your company has a unique name and one that you can acquire as a domain name. The more direct your domain name, the easier it is for people to find your company website.

Plan your content

One of the first things that you need to plan out when building your website is your content. You need to have great content, and that includes written and visual aspects. When someone comes to your website, you want your company’s objective to be clear. Your content needs to be informative and well thought out. Your website offers your customers a first impression and it needs to attract attention.

Complete descriptions

Write out product or services descriptions as clearly as possible. The more relevant information you put in your descriptions, the quicker you make sales as people won’t need to come to you and ask the same questions over and over again. Update content as products or services change. Keeping descriptions up-to-date will help build credibility for your website.

About me

Create an ‘About Me’ page in order to tell the story behind your company. This will help potential customers and clients connect with you and your story. This will help drive sales. Photos of you, your staff and your building make the website personal as customers connect with you. Videos add to your content repertoire.

Create a blog

To go along with the other content, create a company blog. A blog is a great place to share news and updates about your company. It’s also a great place to highlight different events as well as employees. It’s imperative to update your blog on a consistent basis. This will build credibility as well by showing that your company is still functioning. It’s also a great way to add value to your website visitors’ experience. Consider publishing two to four blog posts per month.

Hire a graphic designer

Working with a marketing company or graphic designer can help you create an attractive and functional website. Graphic designers are experts in what they do and they help you design something that is not only unique but can help drive sales. They can also help you put together your overall marketing campaign.

Use care when designing your logo

Your graphic designer can also help you establish your logo as well as an overall theme. It’s important that you design your logo with care as it serves as something that people automatically identify with your company.

Colors matter

In addition to your logo, choose the colors on your website carefully. It’s important to have colors that contrast and draw attention, but don’t clash. If the colors on your website are offensive to the eye, people won’t stay to read anything, let alone buy something.

Font matters

The same principle behind colors applies to fonts as well. You need fonts that are easy to read and the right size for your website. If your content is hard to read, people will find another website that is easier on the eyes.

Use pictures and videos effectively

Make sure to use professional photos on your website. These increase your website quality and show that your company is also professional. Use high-resolution photos to ensure that they are the best they can be at showing your company is a positive light.

Check your grammar and spelling

Once you get people to your website, you don’t want to risk turning them off by having errors in grammar or spelling. Re-read all of your content before you post it, including blogs. It’s also helpful to have an additional person read your content in case you miss something. Using correct grammar and spelling shows off the professionalism of your company.

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

So many people investigate different things, including companies, on their mobile devices. You must have a website that is mobile-friendly. People are busy and will not take the time to look up your website again when they have access to a laptop or desktop computer. Once you lose them because of a poor website, it’s almost impossible to get them back.

Use a call-to-action button

Place a call-to-action button on each page of your website. First, design your call-to-action button as something that stands out on the page. It should contrast with other colors on your website. Use it as a way to build an email campaign by requesting email addresses by offering a newsletter sign up or free guides. You could also use the call-to-action button as a download or an add to cart button. By offering something for free, you inspire many potential customers to engage with you.

Button placement

After you decide what you want the call to action to accomplish, you need to put it in a place on each page where people are sure to notice it. It needs to be “above the fold,” which is an old newspaper term but still an important idea. In the context of a web page, this means that the call-to-action button needs to be toward the top of the page so that people will not need to scroll down to see it. People spend about 80 percent of their time above the fold, so it’s important that your call to action button is here as well as any other information you want people to see immediately.

Button design

The next thing you need to consider is the design of the button itself. The button should be large enough to gain notice and make it easy to tap on a mobile phone. As for color, green is a good option since it actually means “go.” Make sure that you have enough white space around the button to draw attention to it.

Stay on Google's nice list

Google Is a Powerhouse That You Must Use Effectively

Spreading the word about your Montvale NJ business means harnessing the power of Google, a powerhouse you must use effectively.

Make sure you’re listed on Google Maps

It’s important that you list your business on Google Maps. Go into Google Maps, zoom into where your business is, click on Report a Problem and then Add a Missing Place.

Keep search engine optimization in mind

You need to have an SEO strategy that gives you results. You want to rank as high in Google search results as possible. People usually don’t wade through pages of Google results beyond the first page. Make sure your company is close to the top of the list by using effective keywords.

Pay-per-click advertising

PPC is a great way to help drive traffic to your website. You pay a publisher each time someone clicks on your ad. You can use Google AdWords as a great way to do this.

Young businessman drawing social media communication concept

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Finally, your business presence on social media is crucial and can be a major advantage when it comes to promoting your Montvale NJ enterprise.

Be on them all

Social media is powerful when it comes to marketing your business online. It’s important to be as many social media accounts as possible, especially Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There are different marketing tactics depending on which platform you use. For instance, Twitter only lets you use a limited amount of characters, so you need to condense the information that you may be able to expand upon on Facebook. Instagram is a great place for posting pictures of your products.

Update often

It’s important to post updates on all of the platforms that you utilize. This builds your company’s credibility and shows that your company keeps information current. Not only do you need to post updates, you also need to make sure to respond to any questions or comments within 24 hours. Attention to customer service is imperative to the success of your business, especially on social media.

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook is a huge force in social media and you can use ads right on Facebook to reach out to your target audience.

Run contests

Social media posts offer a great opportunity to run contests and giveaways. This expands your business’s exposure and help you engage with more potential customers.

Post on social media outlets when you update your website or blog

Social media posts are a great way to drive traffic back to your website and blog. Each time to update something or put up a new blog post, make sure to link to it on your social media outlets. This means you reach much more people than just hoping that people come to the website.

There are many strategies that come into play when marketing your business. The internet offers a variety of ways to interact with new and existing customers. By making sure your website is the best it can be and keeping customer service at the forefront, you will have a successful marketing campaign and business.

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