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Tricks to Boost Social Media Presence For Your Business

Social media is a marketing dream. Through various platforms, you can engage directly with your customers or rather followers. You can get feedback, learn what is working and what is not working and get a general sense of how your brand stands within your industry. Social media can also be tricky to break into. If posts fall flat, your brand will not gain the traction you want and need to make your efforts effective and gain all of the benefits social media has to offer. Here are some easy tricks to boost your reach on social media.

Stay Current

Social media is a way to establish your brand as an authority in your field. You can use your website and blog to post long-form information and explanations about topics relevant to your field. You can promote your website and blog through your social media accounts. Your posts will get your info in front of followers and potentially people in the networks of your followers.

Be Aware of Trends

To be relevant and current you need to know what is trending. Online tools help you find out how social media networks are treating keywords. Reviewing the metrics lets you determine what keywords to use and what, if any, keywords you should avoid. You can get an idea of how similar posts are faring, so you can decide how to write your posts.

Post Visual Content

Word heavy posts run the risk of being overlooked as your followers scroll through their feed. Video, images and even infographics engage with followers. They create visual interest and get the point across in a clear and accessible manner. All posts should have an image or video since this will draw the reader.

Create Your Memes

Tools like Adobe Spark make it incredibly easy to create custom images with text. You can select a template for your social media platform of choice, upload an image or select a stock photo, add text and style it the way you like. This is a great tool for small businesses that do not have access to a graphic designer or photo editing software. It makes to not only possible but also very easy to create custom graphics and memes that are on point and include your branding.

Increase the Size of Your Network

The larger your network, the more people see your posts and learn about your brand. Posting quality content will help grow your network, but this can be slow going. Running sponsored posts or paid ads on Facebook or Twitter is a great way to get your info in front of people. Once people see your post, they can learn about your brand and what you have to offer, but the key is getting them to see it.

Use Your Followers to Reach Other Platforms

Another technique is when you get a follower on one social media platform reach out via a direct or private message to let them know that you are also on other platforms. Ask them to follow you on these other platforms.

Stay On Top of Changes

Technology is always changing. Social media platforms are updated, and features are added, altered or removed altogether. There are always new apps and programs that will make things easier to manage. These changes can dramatically impact your social media presence. Be aware and stay on top of changes as they are implemented. Being caught off guard when a feature you constantly use is changed or removed without having a workaround or backup lined up can prevent you from being able to post. The opposite end of the spectrum being unaware of a feature that could save you time and make your job a lot easier.

Do Not Be Discouraged by Change

Changes can be frustrating, and some social media users may be tempted to stop using a platform if the changes are significant. Once you stop using social media, you lose direct contact with customers. This is a big price to pay over not being able to adapt to some changes to the platform. It is important to stick around after changes because if other brands bail your brand will still be standing. With less competition, it will be easier to get your message through to followers.

Stay Connected and Boost Your Reach

Just getting your brand on people’s radar can take a lot of work and planning, but the payout is worth it. A large network means more people will see your posts and learn about your brand and what you have to offer. These easy tricks can help you boost your social media reach, and in turn, enjoy the benefits that come with a vast network of followers. A pro can help you maximize your website and reach more potential customers.

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