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Trends in Voice Search Optimization

How often do you ask your device a question and pull up a search result? Pretty often, right? This is called voice search and you’re not the only one that is using this type of searching to locate the services and answers you need. It’s estimated that 42.7% of adults in the US use voice search. That number doesn’t include the children who are searching this way every day. 

Here at WPamplify, we are always keeping up with the latest trends in SEO. The number of people asking their phones, computer, and virtual assistants will only rise over the coming years. 

That’s why we are putting into place strategies that will capture more queries using voice search. 

These are the top trends you need to know about: 

1. Use These Top Trigger Words

It’s estimated that 20% of this type of search query is triggered by one of these 25 words. Make sure you include these in your content in a natural way:

  • How
  • What
  • Best
  • The
  • Is
  • Where
  • Can 
  • Top 
  • Easy
  • When
  • Why 
  • Who
  • New
  • Recipe
  • Good
  • Homes
  • Make
  • Does
  • Define
  • Free
  • I
  • List
  • Home 
  • Types
  • Do

Obviously, your content needs to be natural, so don’t keyword stuff the trigger words if they ar not relevant. 

2. Ask Questions and Answer Them

Voice searching is generally stated in the form of a question, which means you need to create FAQ-style sections in your content. Ask a question related to the main keyword on your page and write a 50-word answer. Try to keep your answer short, because it has a greater chance of coming up as a snippet preview. 

This is also a natural way to add in key phrases that include the word I in it. 

Instead of this: 

How to make a cake 

Do this: 

How do I make a cake from scratch?

You’ll be able to add in those trigger words without your content sounding spammy or weird. 

3. Keep Your Tone Conversational

Use everyday language when you are writing. For example, instead of saying this phrase: 

“To ensure your garage door is properly secure, pull on the handle and see if it rises.” 

Say this:

“Want to see if your garage door is closed correctly? Pull up on the handle and see if it goes up.”

This is not to say that you should water down your content, but using a conversational tone will pick up more voice searches. 

When you are writing in a conversational tone, think about how you’d say the information you’re sharing to a good friend. What kind of questions would they ask you about the topic? How would you answer those questions in a conversation? Thinking about it in these terms will help you communicate in a conversational tone in your writing. 

4. Add Near Me Phrases For Local Pages

All businesses can implement “near me” phrases into their content if they are writing areas served pages. For example, WPamplify serves its customers across the United States. However, we target all major markets with specific city pages to capture local searches. It makes it easy to add the phrase, “SEO company near me” to those pages. Also, those pages allow us to target specific industries like functional medicine doctors or contractors

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