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Top Reasons Why Your Business Website Needs a Blog

A business website is a central hub offering information about your products, services and company. It might include descriptions of certain items, contact info for your company and an overview of what you do for customers. Adding a blog to your website gives you a place to provide updates, facts and advice to your readers. A website is the bare bones approach. Adding a blog gives your visitors something more. Consider how a blog can benefit your business and attract more targeted customers.

Offer Updates About Your Business

Updating your regular website on a regular basis can become a hassle. Typically people update their web content every few months. But your business is constantly doing something new. A blog is the ideal place to offer the latest news about your business. From helping a local charity to adding innovative products, your blog can be a place where customers find out what you’re doing. Create a business profile on social media such as Twitter and Facebook. When you post another blog entry, share it on social media to let everyone know about it. Include sharing buttons on your blog so visitors can also share your latest blog entries. It is a simple and cost-effective way to continually promote your business. You can occasionally get personal on your blog by announcing a company holiday party or a new employee.

Position Yourself As An Expert

Determine what you know better than most other people in your industry then blog about it. For example, a beauty adviser might have superior advice about ways to apply dramatic eye-makeup. Consider what people ask you about most then share your knowledge. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to deliver meaningful content. There are countless topics people want to know more about. Consider a few of the common keywords people use to search for this information. Create factual content based on these keywords to deliver real value to your readers. Sparingly sprinkle some keywords into your blog content to help it rank higher on the search engines. Over time, you may want to consider using your most popular blog posts to create an e-book. This further fuels your marketing efforts.

Create a Unique Voice

Business website content needs to have a professional tone. People expect your business website to be clear, concise and basic. A blog gives you an invaluable opportunity to create a unique voice for your business. Consider the nature of your business and who your customers are. If you appeal to an older demographic, blog in a language they understand and relate to. Use your blog to make people laugh, think or cry. The key is to be consistent so visitors know what to expect. Find ways to surprise and delight your readers. When you say something out-of-the-box, it is also more likely readers will share the blog posts. This helps to brand your business so it stands out from the competition. Having a voice makes you different from everyone else in the same industry.

Gather Information

A website might have a contact page or form to complete for visitors to get more information about your company. This is a way to get email addresses, phone numbers and physical mailing addresses from your website visitors. But you are not collecting any personal data about the people who come to your site. A blog helps you gather customized information about what your customers need and want. Ask questions and conduct surveys on your blog. It is an excellent way to help determine what your target market is looking for without spending a lot of money. This information can be used to update your current offerings and tailor your blog content to attract more potential customers.

Stay Relevant to Visitors and Search Engines

A major benefit of having a blog is remaining relevant. When you regularly add new content, people have a reason to visit your website. Stay on top of the latest trends and write about them. Updated content also helps your business rank well on the search engines. Entertain and inform your readers to encourage them to come back for more. Be the life of the party or the smartest kid on the block. There are many ways to keep people reading what you have to say. Encourage people to sign up for blog updates to gather their email addresses. Blogging can also help to fuel your other marketing efforts. Most of all, have a good time with your blog. Express why you enjoy what your business does and how it can benefit your valued customers.

[box type=”shadow”]Main Takeaway: A blog is an essential element of any successful business website. Use a blog to develop your brand, find out more about your target market and provide useful information. From pertinent updates to fun facts, a blog helps your business stay relevant.[/box]