Since 2010, we’ve helped small businesses from a variety of industries with their search engine optimization. This is reflected in the client testimonials below. Make sure you check out our 30+ reviews on both Google and Thumbtack.

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Andy Wildenberg - Energy Audit Company
I’ve worked with WPamplify for about 8 months and I can say without a doubt, their work with blogs and SEO has increased my business from organic searches ten-fold. It is the best money I’ve ever spent for monthly advertising. I have already recommended them to several colleagues.
Justin Murphy - Bag Manufacturer
WPAmplify has been instrumental in our mission to attract new business over the internet. After working with WPAmplify for the last three years, I can honestly say that several of our largest growing accounts have been acquired as a result of the search engine optimization work that Ryan Cote and his team have done for us. At the beginning, Ryan was up front and warned that often times SEO takes time to generate tangible results, but it has certainly been worth the investment. In addition to the monthly SEO work that WPAmplify does for us, they are also constantly providing us with unique ways that we can improve our online leads through other channels. As a manufacturing and distribution business in a very competitive marketplace, it’s oftentimes hard to cut through the clutter with our message. I see our partnership with WPAmplify as a critical piece of the puzzle for our company to continue to grow online.
Gavin Hooper - Comedy Hypnotist
If your searching for an SEO person who can navigate and clear the muddy waters of SEO, Ryan Cote of Wpamplify is someone who can fill that void, not only will he listen, he carefully explain whats going on, and replies to Emails every time. I’m not an SEO person and rely on good intelligent people like Ryan Cote to do the job, and he does. Sure you’ll have pay for his services, but he takes his time to show, teach and explain in terms a non SEO person like myself can understand, as well as brings results. In my opinion Ryan is an honest business man who cares about what he does for his clients.
Noel Leonard - Attorney
Like everyone, I want to know that my advertising dollars are paying off. Several things are worth noting about the job that WPamplify is doing for me. My site is consistently above the crease and often first in my search criteria. They are constantly either looking for ways to increase my rankings or keep me at the top of my search categories. Not only is the number of clients who searched online increasing, the quality of cases I am getting goes up as my rankings and reviews consistently keep me on top. I don’t know computer speak, but they keep me up to date without talking over my head. The more I learn about SEO, the more I am convinced that what was once a reasonable price to pay is more and more an incredible bargain. I have used every form of modern advertising; between SEO and my website design company, nothing beats the ROI of web presence and placement. Trust me. They know what they’re doing.
John Callahan - Therapist
In the past few months, with the help of WPamplify, my business has grown by 33%! (for the first time since I’ve been in practice, I’ve had to add a third night!)
Michael Leibfred - Landscaper
WPamplify has been very easy to deal with doing everything he said he was going to do when he was supposed to do it. His service has gotten me some smaller accounts which has led to one very large account. They even help me do other things outside the scope of our original arrangement which I find to be very helpful. I look forward to continuing to work with them for years to come.
John Greene - Attorney
When I hired WPamplify my website was not coming up on any of the search engines. They explained to me that it would take 3 months or longer to start seeing results. 2 weeks later I was on the first page of Google and have remained there consistently ever since. Hiring WPamplify was one of the best investments I have ever made.
Susan Kristoff - Technical Writer
While I’ve had a company website for over 4 years, I hadn’t done much to optimize it. Working with WPamplify has provided a marked improvement in traffic based on the keyword phrases that I am most interested in. I started seeing increases in traffic right away, and performance has continued to increase over the last few months. WPamplify has definitely been a success in driving traffic to my website.
Bob Gagauf - Branding Specialist
When I launched the website for my new company, I clearly didn’t plan appropriately for SEO. WPamplify gave me a great cost effective solution and my site was getting great rankings on search engines in a matter of a few weeks.
Rory Foster - Auto Dealership
I use WPamplify for two of my websites. I have been very satisfied with the results. One website has doubled its daily traffic and the other website has tripled the daily traffic. Besides the traffic results, the company is extremely easy to work with. Their team of professionals listen to the customer and respond very quickly. I will recommend them to others.