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Start Using the Hottest Summer Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

The summer months are a time of slacking off for some businesses when it comes to online marketing. Some businesses are in their busy times during the summer months and feel like they just don’t have the time to spend on marketing. Other businesses may think that since school’s out and the lazy days of summer are here, that it’s okay to take some time off of marketing the business. The hottest season of the year is a great time to connect with your customers through summer marketing, both online and in person.

Summer Promotions

In the summer, you can create promotions that you can market towards your target audience. It doesn’t matter if your business is hopping this time of year or if you can use some additional revenue. Marketing at any time of year, including the summer, helps to grow your customer base. Get people signed up for your newsletter or email list so they are ready to try your service. That way, you can continue to remind them about your business as time passes.

Summer Images and Ideas

The summer is a great time to show off your personal touch behind the brand. Let your voice shine through with the summer images and ideas you share online. Celebrate the summer months with your friends and followers on social media by sharing fun pictures. Find fun ideas that you’d like to share with your followers that are relevant to your brand.

Sharing Reminds People of You

Share those to your followers. For instance, if your construction company builds patios and outdoor kitchens, the summer is a perfect time to feature projects, recipes perfect for parties, decorating tips, and other similar ideas that remain on the brand. The best part is that these things keep your company on people’s minds without focusing on the specifics of your company.

Share Diverse Content Focused on Summer Vacations and Holidays

Some of your clients are parents. These customers benefit from your company when you share diverse content that’s focused on the summer months. Vacations are a big theme during this time of year, and you can take advantage of that fact. Posting information about a holiday like the Fourth of July may not fit your particular brand, but it’s connecting with your customers over a shared event.

Celebrate the Season and Have Fun

Find ways to celebrate the season while switching things up by using different formats and accounts. Try out Pinterest or Instagram if you’re not already using them. Do you usually post only worded posts? Add pictures or use infographics to get your point across. Switch things up for the summer months. Think of video content as a way to show fun things outdoors.

Posting Updated Blog Content Social Media

The summer can be a great time to post updated blog content to share to your social media accounts. Some of your blog posts may need updating with more current information, and this can be a good time to handle those rewrites. Then, you can bring more traffic in thanks to the updated information using your social media accounts. Some of your blog posts are probably evergreen and are good to post up later on after they were originally written. This adds something new for people that might have missed it previously without having to constantly churn out brand-new content.

Get Outdoors

One of the hottest trends of marketing isn’t accomplished by sitting behind a computer screen. Get outside and participate in the community. Set up a table at the local fairs and festivals to tell others about your business. People at these vents may not be familiar with your business’s services, and getting personal can improve their perception of your business. Print up fun stickers to pass out to children, or offer promotional items like calendars to pass out. People love walking away with something, and that little token can act as a powerful call back when they are in need of the services that you offer.

Give Back

People love working with businesses that are owned and operated by people with the same ideals that they have. Make that work for you. Find ways to give back to the community during the summer months. Close the office for a day and have everyone help out at an event for Habitat for Humanity or the local food bank. People who care about the community notice these little things. Spending time among the community can foster positive feelings towards your brand and make people feel more favorably about your business.

The summer may not seem like a good time to market, but there are so many wonderful opportunities presented by this season. Need some help with getting your summer content going online? WPamplify is here to help. Our professional services can assist you in handling your marketing over the summer and beyond. You know your business inside and out, and the same is true for our business. It only makes sense to take advantage of the summer months with the help of experts.

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