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Spring into New Social Media Marketing Ideas

Spring gives you the perfect opportunity to engage in fun social media marketing ideas for small businesses.. There are some holidays during the spring that you can easily make the central focus of a social media marketing campaign. You can also form a promotional partnership with a local business to provide customers with a spring-incentive discount or sale. Here are some ways that your small business can spring into new social media marketing ideas.

Offer a Tax Theme Incentive

Your business doesn’t have to be in the tax industry to provide tax theme incentives to your clients and get them to take action now.

Spending That Refund

Encourage your customers to spend a portion of their tax refund on your business by posting an enticing image of a particular product on Instagram and other social media accounts. Add a content description that makes followers feel as if they are missing out on something by not spending a portion of their tax return with you.

Say ‘Thank You’

It is the perfect opportunity for your business to take the time to say ‘thank you’ to customers who have been a true part of your business.

Gratitude Matters

Create a basic ‘thank you’ graphic image and post it across your social media channels. Add a content description that shows appreciation for your clients and offer a discount on your product or service as a token of gratitude.

Promote the Less Popular Holidays

Take advantage of unknown holidays by focusing your social media marketing efforts on a few of these more humorous holiday events.

Be Unique

A great holiday to focus on during the spring is ‘National Loyalty Day’ that occurs on May 1st each year. It goes along with taking the time to say ‘thank you’ to your customers for their loyalty to your business. Create a series of images that show your staff holding up posters listing the reasons why your company appreciates customer loyalty. Post those images across your social media channels and offer a discount coupon to followers who mention those images when making their next purchase.

Have a Spring Sale

Spring is a favorite time of year for many companies to increase their prices on products or services and you can dare to be different.

Go Your Own Way

You have the perfect opportunity to stand out from the crowd by going in the opposite direction. Create a social media marketing campaign that focuses on the renewal of spring by offering a substantial discount on your product or service for any follower that mentions seeing an advertisement. Entice clients to try a new product that you will be debuting in the summer or introduce a service that can help them optimize the arrival of warmer weather.

Partner With Another Business

The arrival of spring increases business for local florists, restaurants and travel agencies. It gives you a great opportunity to create a joint social media marketing campaign that you can promote to your customers and the ones who follow the partnership business.

Examine Your Product Line

Take a look at your product line and see if there is a way you can tie a product into something the local florist offers. Take to Facebook and create a post that provides an incentive to customers to receive a discount on their next meal when they spend a certain amount of money with your company.

Host a Fun Contest

Everyone loves participating in a contest, especially when there is an attractive prize reward. Hold a fun contest that centers on a particular hashtag across your social media accounts. Start the contest on Twitter by asking customers to tell a springtime story using one of your products in six words or less.


Create a hashtag to accompany that request, such as #sixwordspringstory, and use the hashtag across all of your social media channels. Promote the contest on each of your social media channels at least once a day to spark customer participation. At the end of the competition, award the winner a free product from your company.

Discover Vibrant Colors

Spring is the time of year when bright colors return to the world. Everyone looks forward to warmer weather and being able to spend more time outdoors.

Take a Hint from Mother Nature

Follow Mother Nature by sprucing up the colors of your social media pages. Create banner images that have bright pastel colors against a spring style background such as grass or Easter eggs. Post pictures of traditional spring activities and invite followers to share how they plan to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Spring is a great time to revisit your marketing efforts and encourage customers to take a look at everything that you have to offer. Create campaigns with vibrant colors and work to show your appreciation for them being a part of your business story. These campaigns are a great example of how you can make the arrival of spring profitable for your small business.

Please call for more information about how we can help your social media campaign take off. Spring is a great time of the year to launch new social media ideas. Contact Wpamplify for more details today.