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Spring Cleaning Tips To Help Small Businesses Grow

Springtime is almost here along with the promise of new life. Often spring brings to mind cleaning out your home after the long winter to face the warmer days in a more carefree way. Spring cleaning is also a great idea for entrepreneurs. Discover a few simple spring cleaning tips to help your small businesses grow and flourish throughout the year.

Weed the Garden

Often we sound a bit selfish when we discuss our businesses. After all, we are proud of our enterprises and want everyone to realize how wonderful they are. But are you focusing too much on words such as “I,” “me” and “our” instead of your customers? Carrying on a monologue in your business communications is a sure way to sound pompous and even overbearing. Weed your garden of self-centered words this spring to introduce terms that pertain to your customers such as “you” and your needs.” Consider what your customers want and strive to deliver it. Let them know the features, benefits and advantages of doing business with you from their perspective rather than yours.

Water the Trees

Are you expressing appreciation to your loyal customers? Much like an old friend or spouse, sometimes we forget to thank people who are part of our lives each day. Make sure to nurture the relationships with your long-term customers. Water the trees in your business backyard by sending out thank you cards or promotional products to key clients. Send a special coupon code to your most devoted customers. Let them know how much they mean to your business to build feelings of benevolence and trust. Nurture the customers you have now to keep those relationships budding for years to come.

Plant Seeds

It is also important to plant seeds to encourage new customers to choose your business. Consider trying various strategies to attract attention. Direct mail marketing is a timeless way to get attention. An updated website design can bring fresh traffic to your website. Engage on social media marketing to connect with a variety of people. Distribute brochures about your business at neighborhood venues. Encourage employees to give out business cards to people they meet. Each connection could be an opportunity to build relationships with new customers.

Consider the Fertilizer

Some customers, business associates and employees are as stinky as certain types of fertilizer. Their stench permeates your business environment and makes it less than pleasant. It’s time to sniff out the troublemakers and leave them behind. Don’t be afraid to let go of a customer who demands more than they pay for. Never hesitate to drop business relationships that are more toxic than advantageous. Learn how to save time and be happier by getting rid of the crappy stuff that can hold your business back.

Decorative Accents Mean a Lot

Your basic business plan might be solid but there is always room for improvement. Consider the little things such as your current logo and slogan. It it is outdated or ineffective, get an updated design to revamp your business image. Add a blog to your website to stay in touch with customers and offer constant updates. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly so customers can easily access your company from mobile devices. These small details can make a big difference over the next few months.

The Elusive Money Tree

Gardeners are always referring to the elusive money tree. Fortunately, businesses have better ways to get necessary funding. Find out about small business loans to help cover the costs of purchasing modern equipment or adding new stock. Consider applying for a grant to help build your business. While the process can be tough and time-consuming, a grant is free money. Unlike a loan, you never have to pay it back. This can make it worth the effort it takes to apply for a grant. Have your accountant review your books to find out ways you can save money. You might want to let go of a few unnecessary expenses while you’re spring cleaning your business.

Much like a garden, your business will thrive for years to come if you do a bit of spring cleaning each year. Adopt innovative ideas, get rid of dead wood and develop a fresh perspective. By the end of the year, you could be harvesting real returns for your efforts.

[box type=”shadow”]Main Takeaway: Spring cleaning pertains to businesses as well as homes. Spring is an ideal time to get rid of what doesn’t work and develop fresh ideas for the year ahead. From updating your website design to eliminating toxic clients, consider ways to make your small business thrive.[/box]