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Smart Organization Tips to Help Small Businesses Stay on Track

Running a small business often means working seven days a week and wearing multiple hats. And often small business owners feel somewhat frazzled as they try to keep up with a growing enterprise. Keep these smart organization tips in mind to help your small business stay on track.

Designate an Organized Workspace

Often small businesses run their companies out of their homes. And this might mean working in the living room, bedroom or outdoor deck. Even if you don’t have a designated room, create a space for your business. Setup a desk where you keep your paperwork, computer, and other business supplies. Only add the bare necessities. Have a catch-all box for incoming mail and paperwork. Keep your cables organized by using zip ties. Clean up regularly so you stay focused in this important space.

Create a Daily List of Priorities

There are countless ways to make lists today, based on your preferences. You can use your smartphone, laptop, or old-fashioned paper and pen. The goal is to visually look at what you need to do each day. Prioritize the items on the list. Check each one off as it gets done. Start a new list each day. Add what did not get done the previous day to your current list so no stone goes unturned.

Manage Emails Effectively

Reading and answers emails can suck up more time than you think. Designated times throughout the day when you check your email. Use the rest of your time to accomplish work and other tasks. Open emails right away and answer them immediately. Reading them and waiting to answer the emails later is another way time goes through your fingers.

Outsourcing Helps

Many small businesses do not have the means to hire part-time or full-time employees. But plenty of essential tasks are easily outsourced. Hire a virtual assistant to make phone calls, reply to the email, and do routine jobs so you don’t have to. Consider household help, such as babysitters, landscapers, and cleaning people. And have an SEO professional manage  your website and update your blogs and social media accounts. Outsourcing can save you hours of time each week for a reasonable investment.

Establish a Paperless Office

Scanning crucial documents put them right at your fingertips when you need them. And you don’t have to maintain countless files that take up lots of space. From expense receipts to invoices and work orders, scan business materials to avoid the paper chase at your desk.

Maintain a Calendar

At first, small businesses wonder when they will connect with any clients and associates. Then everything starts to boom. Trying to remember meetings, online chats, and conference calls can become impossible. And you also need to remember your own personal appointments, such as doctors and haircuts. If you have children, you are also managing their schedules. Whether you use a book, wall calendar, or online program, maintain a calendar and record everything as it happens.

Work in the Cloud

Storing and sharing documents can become a hassle. Work in the cloud so you always have access to these items in seconds. Use Google Cloud or Dropbox for sharing and storage. This time-saver also allows you to access documents when you are on the road. This is a huge convenience for small business owners on-the-go.

Making a few simple changes in your office space and work approach can go a long way. Take a few minutes each day to focus on organization and it will pay off. Soon, a well-organized environment will help you save hours every week.

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