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How Small Business Owners Can Optimize Their Website to Generate More Online Leads

Maintaining a website that provides engaging content is a crucial piece of your small business puzzle. It showcases your products or services and takes a look behind the scenes of your organization to share your business story with the world. It gives you the opportunity to interact with customers, and industry leaders. It is the first place that a potential customer will go when hearing about your company. From that point, you have to make a powerful first impression to turn that visitor into a regular customer. Find out how small business owners can optimize their website to generate more online leads by using these tips.

Conduct a Website Audit

To optimize your website, you need to ensure that your site foundation is functioning properly. Start by looking at your website from a potential customer’s point of view. Make note of sections that could use improvement or are difficult to understand, and any external or internal links that no longer work. If you have an e-commerce site, complete the checkout process to ensure that placing items into the shopping cart and checking out occurs without any issues.

Use A Customer’s Point of View

Looking at your site from a customer’s point of view will help streamline your appearance. You can set the tone and present the best possible first impression that gives a prospect the right tools on where to go upon arrival. It is an aspect that your competition will not think of, and that works to increase your sales lead opportunities.

Have a Clear Design and Layout

Your website design may appear to be eye-catching. However, once you begin navigating the layout, problems can arise that can turn potential clients away. Quickly survey your site to see what stands out and what fades into the background. Critical information that is beneficial to new customers may be unnoticeable due to site layout problems. The key aspects of your design and layout you need to focus on include the following.

Making Navigation Easier

Avoid having too much white space. Have your call-to-action feature as the central focus on the homepage. Content should be easily readable with a standard size font and font color. Menu structure should be easy to follow and break up main sections into subsections. Make any necessary changes and look over your website once again to see if there are any additional items that you need to address.

Use Dedicated Landing Pages

A potential customer who arrives at your website will take a few minutes to look around before deciding which action to take next.

One Central Location

Having dedicated landing pages in place for each service department or product line can work towards generating sales leads from these initial visits. By connecting your different divisions to individual landing pages, you eliminate any confusion the visitor may have when looking for a particular product or service. They will then find it easier to initiate a sales transaction with your company.

Host a Live Chat

As potential clients spend more time on a particular page, they will want to seek out more information on the product or service of interest.

Instant Access

Be ready to provide this information by installing a live chat feature on each landing page. Make it appear at the request of the user and have a staff member familiar with the central theme of that particular landing page host the live chat. Engaging in actual conversations with customers is something your competition most likely doesn’t practice, so having a live chat feature helps you gain a competitive advantage as well.

Use Content to Establish Trust

One of the greatest ways you can optimize your website is by establishing trust with your target customer base. Gaining the trust of potential clients works to build the foundation for generating leads and repeat business down the road.

Quality Content

Start by hosting a blog on your website. Create content that provides a solution to a problem customers have or fulfills a desire they seek. Share insight into product development or what motivates you to open the doors each day. Make an offer and honor it with no exception. Give a potential customer several reasons to place trust in you and that individual will return the favor by selecting you over the competition for future product and service needs.

The key to harnessing online lead generations through your website is giving potential customers a reason to come to your virtual front door in the first place. Take the time to optimize your site so that it is more appealing to visitors. Prove that you operate under a high-quality level of customer service, which ultimately helps to generate leads and initiate sales because customers will recognize the value in your business. A business that gives value to its target audience turns potential clients into customers and creates a steady stream of lead generation and sales transactions for the foreseeable future. It all begins with the powerful first impression that your optimized website makes.