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Six Ways to Put Your Call to Action to Work For You

Compelling web content without a call to action is like planning a picnic on a cloudy day. There is a bit of hope but it is unlikely the sun will come out during the picnic. Likewise there is little chance readers will purchase what your website offers without a call to action. You want to get visitors to make a move rather than read your content then surf away. Consider these six ways to put your call to action to work for you.

Bulk Up Your Offerings

When you send out a direct mail marketing envelope, often you bulk it up by adding a freebie. People feel a pen or calendar in the envelope, which makes them want to open it. Once they open the envelope, your marketing materials are right before their eyes. You can also bulk up your emails. While it might not be possible to include a tangible freebie, there are ways to lure recipients to open the email. Include an interactive game to get them to become engaged with your company. Include a survey requesting their opinion about certain goods and services. You can even include unique images or video about your line of work to get people to better understand what you do. These lures are a way to get people to read your emails and heed your call to action.

Get Personal

An email addressed to “Dear Guest” is not as interesting as one addressed specifically to you. It is even better when the email refers to the time when you stayed at a certain hotel or dined at a particular restaurant. Adding personal details makes the email matter more to the recipient. A general email could be sent to just about anyone. There is nothing that makes it stand out from the dozens or even hundreds of other emails the recipient received today. Make your correspondence stand out by including the recipient’s name and other details such as past purchases or inquiries. It shows your company is in touch with the latest needs of its customers and potential customers.

Give Them What They Want

Everyone wants something for nothing so give your readers what they want. Offer an incentive if they sign up for your newsletters or subscribe to your blog. Popular incentives include ebooks and white papers. Offer buyers an even bigger incentive, knowing you can send it to them with their order. A free product, discount coupon or voucher encourages people to purchase from your company. You can also sponsor a contest for customers to win a $100 gift card and other coveted prizes. People are more likely to share their information and request additional details when they are rewarded with an appealing incentive.

Keep It Simple

Sometimes a basic message gets complicated by excessive marketing jargon and becoming overly enthused. Take it down a few notches and remember to keep the message simple. If you start to get detailed and complicated, it is likely you’ll lose your reader. They want to get information in just a few seconds. The world moves fast and few people have time to wade through verbose monologues. Before you create any marketing content, define your goal then set out to achieve it. Convey an idea in straightforward language anyone can easily understand. Include a definitive call to action so the reader knows your intent. Hiding your intentions doesn’t change the fact you want to sell something. Be direct and you’ll see a greater ROI over time.

What Have You Done for Me Lately?

The reader really wants to know what you can do for him or her. While they would like an overview of your company and general philosophy, the key is to offer the reader value. Explain how your company is different from anyone else in the business. Describe the features and benefits the reader can derive by taking advantage of your particular goods or services. Include one or two strong testimonials along with a distinctive call to action encouraging the reader to do something important for themselves by taking advantage of your offer.

Play It Again, Sam

If at first you don’t succeed, remember you need to try again. It’s more than a cliche people told you as a child. In reality, it takes several attempts to get what you want. Don’t be afraid to send a follow-up email to your original marketing correspondence. Everyone is handling multiple tasks at one time and the reader could have simply forgotten your message. Dare to repeat it and encourage the reader to take action. Include a limited time offer to prompt the reader to do something right away. Your offer can even end in as little as 24 hours, especially for follow-up emails. This lets the reader know they should not close the email and revisit it later as they could lose out on a great deal.

[box type=”shadow”]Main Takeaway: It takes more than compelling content with a call to action to get people to commit to your business. Discover the importance of repetition, keeping your message simple and offering something of value. People need to have a good incentive to respond to your call to action.[/box]