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Five Ways to Use the Holidays to Promote Your Website

During the holidays people are constantly barraged by advertisements. When they turn on the television or Internet, they instantly see ads for everything from Black Friday to last minute holidays deals. Savvy businesses realize the holidays are a time when people are prepared to buy certain goods and services. Corporate managers are also trying to boost their bottom line before the end of the year. Even if you’re a small business, discover five easy ways to take advantage of the holiday season to promote your website.

1. The Power of Special Offers

It is impossible to ignore the ongoing holidays ads we see from early November through the first days of January. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, there are reasons to offer all kinds of discounts. Special offers are a powerful way to encourage people to take action. It is an ideal time to convert website visitors into paying customers. People realize the holiday season happens for a limited time. This means they can only score these deals for a few short weeks or days. Use this time of year to reduce the price of your products or services. If that is not possible, offer a free gift or bonus with a holiday purchase. These inspirational tactics encourage people to seal the deal before it’s too late.

2. Social Media Engagement

The holidays are a perfect time to comment on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. People are involved in social media more often to connect with loved ones. They are often off from work and have an extra few minutes to check out their social media accounts. Share information on your business social media accounts. Wish everyone a happy holiday and ask questions. Prepare a short survey about the buying habits and preferences of your target market. The responses can be used to tweak your website for the coming year. Social media gives you free opportunity to gather marketing updates while you communicate with customers.

3. Seasons Greetings Via Email

People get tired of opening promotional email. Everyone is offering a percentage off or wants them to purchase the latest widget before the supplies are depleted. Simply send seasons greetings via email. Select an attractive e-card that includes festive images and holiday music. Create a positive feeling without selling anything from your company. Encourage people to take time off and relax during the holiday season. Wish them a prosperous and healthy new year. People tend to remember email cards that focused on them rather than goods or services. Use the holiday spirit to show customers you are willing to put them first. You might even want to infuse a bit of humor into your holiday email correspondence. A little laughter can go a long way toward building good will.

4. Holiday Freebies

Use your blog or website to offer freebies for the holiday season. Consider investing in printed promotional products such as an attractive pen, travel mug or personal calendar. This gives you a golden opportunity to ask for the email address and physical address of visitors. These addresses can be used to promote your business the following year. Encourage people to opt in to receive your latest emails or newsletters. If you are on a limited budget, create printable items such as a calendar or free business report. Consider a report offering ways to improve your life or business in the new year. Request an email address before people can download the printable items. Everyone likes to get something for nothing. In the meantime, you are building a list of people to connect with in the future.

5. Good Cheer Content

Consider a basic SEO strategy by developing content about the holidays and your business. People are searching for information about holiday products, services and updates. Incorporate a few of these keywords into your blog content. Wish your readers a happy holiday season. Offer safety tips and shopping ideas. Create valuable content that fits into their current frame of mind. Link to current holiday freebies and specials being offered at your website. Include a personal anecdote about your own company party or home celebrations. Use this chance to get closer to your readers.

The holidays are a hectic time for everyone. If you can help your customers save money or even remain sane during this busy season, they are sure to remember you next year.

[box type=”shadow”]Main Takeaway: The holidays are a great time to promote your website through festive email campaigns, special offers and updated blogs. Use social media and compelling freebies to attract customers and encourage them to provide their contact information.[/box]