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Seven Savvy Tips for Effective WordPress Website Marketing

WordPress makes it easy for just about anyone to set up their own websites and get their name out on the Internet. But, if you aren’t promoting and marketing your site, there isn’t much of a reason for you to have created one at all. There are just too many websites out there for site owners to expect traffic without putting in the work to market themselves, no matter how great the product they offer or the content they create is. Luckily, getting started with marketing your WordPress site doesn’t have to be an unmanageable task. Here are seven savvy tips for effective WordPress website marketing to get you started.

1. Brand Your Site

Before you spend time marketing your site and hoping to draw more people in, make sure that your branding is up to par and that your WordPress site portrays your brand accurately One of the most important aspects of branding is consistency, so make sure that you are using fonts and colors across your site strategically. Make sure that graphics containing your logo are easy to find, and that your site and business name match and are obvious.

2. Social Media

Social media is one of the simplest and most effective places to market your WordPress site. The first thing you will want to do is create profiles for your brand on major social network sites, starting with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. There are several other great networks out there, and some (like Pinterest) are getting close to reaching the importance of the Big Three. But, only start as many profiles as you can regularly manage. From there, make sure that your WordPress website’s link is in the description section of each profile.

3. Tweet Your Content

Once you have a twitter profile set up for your brand, it’s easy to get your site out there frequently by setting up your Twitter account to automatically tweet your content every time you make a new post. To do so, download and install the WP to Twitter plugin, and follow the setup instructions. Of course, automatically tweeting your content when you publish shouldn’t be the only time you interact with Twitter, but it’s a good way to get started.

4. Network With Authorities

When you’ve published a particularly high quality piece of content, a great way to market your site is to reach out directly to other authorities in your field. Do some research into successful blogs in your niche, and find the owners or administrators. From there, draft a polite, professional, and direct message bragging about your new piece of content. Start by saying something like, “Thanks for all of your inspiration.” and then continue by saying, “I thought you may enjoy this piece of content that you influenced me to create.” If you are tactful enough, authorities may even share your content through their own channels!

5. Guest Post

Guest posting involves writing free content for another site in your niche or area that is more established, and linking back to your own site to drive some traffic your way and market your brand. Most major blogs and big sites are happy to feature guest posts since they can get some very high-quality content for free. Make sure that you know the rules for linking back to your own site before sending in your guest post, or you could quickly get even a great piece of content rejected.

6. Answer Questions

All over the Internet, people love to ask for the advice of strangers. Some sites like Quora and Yahoo! Answers are specifically designed for asking and answering questions. Other sites like Reddit and additional forums just lend themselves well to the practice. By spending some time answering questions in your field of expertise wherever you can find them around the Internet, you establish yourself as an authority. And, most sites allow you to either drop links to your site directly or put links in your profile to drive traffic your way. Even if there are no places for you to input this information, people will often be so grateful for your quality and authoritative response that they will research your background themselves, and arrive at your site as a result.

7. Pay for an Advertising Campaign

The great thing about the Internet age is that there are so many ways to market your WordPress site for free. However, it can be a good idea to invest in your advertising more directly. Contact other sites in your niche or area and ask what rates they charge for pay-per-click advertisements. These types of campaigns can be very effective, since you will only get charged when someone makes it through to your site.

The most important thing to do in order to effectively market your WordPress site is to keep reading, learning about marketing, and doing everything you can to expand your skill set. Start by reading more posts here, and continue to read everything you can about marketing your WordPress site!