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How to Set Goals for Your Marketing Strategy

As you know, setting goals drastically increases your chance of success. With something to aim for, you know which direction to move. Many people don’t set goals because they don’t know how. For some tips on setting goals for your marketing strategy keep reading.

Review Your Business Goals

The best place to start when you prepare to set goals is to step back from the small details and give yourself a big picture overview. Where do you want your business to go over the next year? Five years?

Select Your Marketing Goals

Marketing is your means of increasing exposure of your business so more products and services can be sold. Since marketing is vital to the success of your business, especially when it’s new, your overall business goals will have a marketing component. Use these goals in your marketing strategy.

Determine How Much Revenue You Need To Generate 

Take out your calculator. Do you have a revenue goal  for next year? How much do you already have on the books and how much can you expect from current marketing efforts? Calculate the difference between where you want to be and how much you expect to make as you are and this is your new marketing revenue goal. 

Articulate Your Goals

After you have selected your goals, add clearly defined targets and time-lines. For example, your goal  “to increase visitors to your site” might be better expressed like “to have 20,000 visitors per month by June 2015.”

Set Actions for Each Goal 

Now that you have articulated where you are going, the next step to setting goals for your marketing strategy is to assign actions you will take. These actions must bring you closer to achieving your goals.

Schedule Accountability Dates 

Since you now have your goal and what you will do to achieve it, you simply need to take action now. In your calendar create dates you will need to have accomplished these actions by. If you need to learn something new, create learning dates.