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Security Scanning Protects Your Business Website and Customers

The visitors to your website typically assume they are surfing around in a secure environment. Customers must feel a sense of trust to share their personal information to place orders and subscribe to updates. It is your responsibility to ensure this trust is never violated. Security scanning is essential to ensure your website environment is using all the available security measures. Online success depends on creating an environment people feel is trustworthy and legitimate. This is a factor you just can’t leave up to chance.

Guard Against Hackers

Since the days of the infamous movie, “The Net,” people have been concerned about their personal information and hackers. Unfortunately, hackers continue to get savvier as technology advances. It is crucial to remain a step ahead of the tenacious hackers that could pose a serious threat to your online business and its reputation. Performing security scans on a regular basis is a way to optimize the security of your website. Your customers are depending on you to take this important step to help safeguard their information. The goal is to frustrate hackers so they move on to another website rather than focus on yours.

Customers Expect a Secure Environment

The goal of most websites is to gather information from visitors and transform them into paying customers. Your call to action has to be strong. Additionally, visitors must feel like they are sharing their info in a secure environment. If your website looks unreliable or insecure, visitors will surf over to the competition. Few people want to share their names, emails addresses and phone numbers on a fly-by-night site. They are even more cautious when they need to supply intimate information such as passwords and credit card numbers. When people are asked to share sensitive info, you need to provide the ultimate level of security. Anything less means you are sure to lose profits.

Fill in the Holes

When you have an unexpected hole in the bottom of a boat, you have to plug it up or the boat will start to sink. Consider what happens when you have security holes in your website. The information customers share with you can be leaked out to persistent hackers. Depending on why the website was hacked, your customers could suffer serious problems as a result of doing business with you. Word-of-mouth travels quickly and people will not want to do business with you in the future. You never want to break the trust your customers have in your business. Recently a major merchant had a security breach during the holidays and people are hesitant use their credit cards to shop there. A security scan can help to “plug up” the holes hackers are looking for. It takes a long time to regain the hard-earned trust of your customers – if you ever do it at all.

Prove Your Security Level

When people visit a website, they want to be certain it is a secure environment. Few people share their personal information without verifying the site is secure. Displaying an SSL certificate helps to gain visitors’ trust. They know transactions are encrypted so their private info cannot be accessed. Even when you display a security certificate, people can still feel unsure. Your website should include a page with contact details for your company including an email address, physical address and telephone number. The days of including a contact form without actual information about your location are over. When people provide their address, phone number and credit card information, they want to know who they are dealing with. To make them feel even more confident to do business with you, include a link to a summary of your policies related to online transactions and returns.

When you visit a large retailer, you expect to see a security guard on the premises. Having security ensures nobody steals from other customers or the store itself. An online marketplace should also have its own padlock to prevent cyber-criminals from accessing sensitive info. Security scanning is like having a virtual security guard for your online business. If a hacker intercepts information shared on your website, it could mean the end of your online enterprise. Customers may also make additional demands with regard to the violation of their private information. This is a risk you simply cannot afford to take. Protect your credibility and your valued customers by performing security scans on a regular basis.

[box type=”shadow”]Main Takeaway:A secure website makes customers feel more confident to answer your call to action and provide sensitive information. Perform security scans to ensure your website is secure against hackers.[/box]