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Savvy Content Marketing Strategy Ideas for the New Year

Content marketing is an investment that takes time to mature. Identifying and investing in content marketing trends today can better position your business in the future. Trends are clues about where the industry is moving. Identifying marketing trends can enable you to effectively communicate your message and place your brand in front of a wider audience. Here are some savvy content marketing strategy ideas to boost your brand in the New Year.

Content is the Driving Force

All forms of marketing come back to content. From blog posts to newsletters, the text component of infographics, scripts for videos, social media posts, website text and more the words used matter. Focus on content and include keywords as necessary to rank pages and posts for increased visibility.

Focus on a Broad Range of Content

Quality content matters and makes an impact, but you need more than talented writers cranking out blog posts and newsletters. Create videos and images that complement your written content. Visually engaging content catches consumers attention and pulls them in. Work with experts, such as individuals with photography, filming and video editing skills, as well as graphic designers. Bringing professionals into the fold ensures the finished result is polished and high-quality multimedia content.

Customize Content

Promote your media resources on social media and pay special attention to the way the posts are structured. Content should always appeal to your followers. The whole purpose of content marketing is to reach your demographic and give them compelling content. That methodology needs to be put to use in every type of outreach. When posting on various social media platforms change up the content to appeal to the users likely to use that particular platform. For example, Twitter and Instagram rely heavily on hashtags, but other platforms shy away from heavy hashtag use.

Dedicate Time to Video

Video is becoming increasingly popular and that trend is likely to continue. Compelling video needs to feature strong videography and editing, as well as quality content in the form of an outline and in some instances a well-structured script. Video is often quick and to the point and many users would rather watch a video than read a blog post. Creating a video that relays all of the same information that can be found in a blog post is likely to be more widely consumed than a post for many demographics.

Take Content Off Screen

Consumers spend a lot of time in front of screens, so it is certainly worthwhile to focus on the content accessible through phones, tablets, and computers. Other technological advancements make it possible for consumers to stay connected when they get out from behind their screens. Siri, Alexa and Google Home provide consumers with detailed information and answers to questions on demand. Create content that engages with voice technology devices, so when your customers have a question about your brand or industry their device can provide an answer.


Consumers may be reluctant to trust a company when that brand is self-promoting. Many customers feel brands may leave out less flattering details and exclusively focus on their good traits. Despite this trust issue on the part of consumers continue to be upfront and clear. If you feature paid endorsements or if you fell short of your sustainable goals say so to avoid putting both customers and potential customers off from your brand.

Put Your Network to Work

Studies show that consumers put a lot of trust in word of mouth recommendations. Providing excellent products and services and easy to understand information increases the odds your customers will give your brand a positive review and recommendations both online and when talking to friends, family, co-workers and others. Creating a top-notch customer experience turns your clients into brand ambassadors.

Document, Review and Improve

Set marketing goals and create a strategy to achieve those goals, but remember to document each step of the way. Track how much time is spent concepting and creating marketing content and how content is received by followers. Tracking can seem tedious, but it gives you valuable data to review post content launch.

Analyze Data

Sifting through information allows you to zero in on what is working, as well as areas in need of more attention. When you understand what works you can continue to implement a successful strategy and attempt to replicate that formula in other areas. Equally important is identifying what isn’t working, so you know when to abandon or re-strategize a goal.

Improve Your Content Strategy in the New Year

Savvy content marketing strategies will boost your online presence and increase your brand’s awareness and recognition. Taking the time to structure your approach and implementing trends enables your brand to effectively reach consumers and have a positive impact.

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