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Recognizing the Social Aspect of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is about more than website design and search engine optimization. Knowing what customers want and how they think is the way to generate actual leads. Instead of focusing solely on function, you need to get into the heads of the people you want to attract as customers. When you can really comprehend their desires and motivations, you’ll be able to boost your business bottom line.

Studying the Social Aspects

While it is indisputable businesses must have an attractive website and use SEO strategies to get noticed, often business managers forget to study the social aspect of making sales. In the first episode of “Sex and the City,” Carrie Bradshaw refers to herself as a “sexual anthropologist” rather than a columnist. Becoming a social anthropologist is essential to run a thriving enterprise in today’s competitive marketplace. Part of the job is gathering information and processing it in a meaningful fashion. Recently the New York Times interviewed a digital marketer for an office furniture company. She said her job involves being a “social-behavioral analyst.” Beyond the basics, online marketing means comprehending social behavior. This is especially important because you often do not get to talk to, see or touch your customers. Interactions take place solely in a virtual environment.

Reach Out and Touch Someone

Did you ever read a book or watch a television show and think the person must have been a fly on the wall when you were talking? This is the type of writing that reaches out and touches someone. They think the writer must have known them at some point before they penned that incredible song, poem or story. The same holds true when you write marketing content. It takes more than a detailed description with carefully chosen keywords to resonate with readers. You need to make your statements real and tangible so they actually speak to the reader. They should be able to connect with your words and see how they pertain to their own experiences. This is the best way to grab attention and keep people coming back for more. Facts and figures matter but they should be presented in a palatable way.

Gather Information

To be able to connect with customers, you need to gather information and determine what it actually means. This can be done in several innovative ways. Surveys are an excellent way to get information, especially when they are anonymous. People tend to be reluctant to tell the whole truth when names are attached to the results. They don’t want to deal with any ramifications for stating how they really feel. An anonymous survey ensures you get the straight skinny. Review the good, bad and ugly to revamp your approach. If you’ve been focusing on the wrong things, tailor your offerings to appeal to customers’ desires. Don’t get stuck on doing what you want if it’s not working. The bottom line is you want your business to be profitable and successful. Sometimes this means letting go of your own preconceived notions for the greater good of the people you want to serve. Perform a case study to analyze your victories so you can try to repeat them.

Show You Care

We live in a fast-paced world where people often feel disconnected despite their countless connections on social media. Often these connections seem to be generic and disjointed. Make your business stand out from the others who simply want to deliver a meaningless monologue to customers. Dare to show you care. Sign up for birthday reminders on Facebook and wish your customers a happy birthday. Send a tweet to simply express you want people to have an upbeat day. Reply to people who visit your social media pages and connect with them. Ask people what they really want then strive to deliver it. Refer to your communications to show you made changes to accommodate the requests of your readers. A little bit of caring can go a long way when it comes to lead generation. It might take extra time and effort in the beginning but your efforts will be well worth it over the long haul.

[box type=”shadow”]Main Takeaway: Function matters when it comes to digital marketing but so does studying social behavior. To be successful, you need to get into the heads of your customers and find out what they really want.[/box]