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Reasons Your Manufacturing Company Needs a Google Business Page

Social media is here and everyone is doing it. Formerly a haven for teen, now businesses are realizing the power of using social media for promotional purposes. If you think having Facebook and Twitter pages for your business is enough, you’re mistaken. Don’t miss out on harnessing the potential of a Google business page to market your manufacturing company. Find out why it is essential to create this important promotional tool for your manufacturing business.

Share Updates and News

While there are other leading search engines, most people turn to Google as the ultimate resource. In fact, many people refer to Internet searches as “Googling.” Creating a business presence on Google makes it easy to connect with customer who also have a profile at this leading search engine. You can share updates and news about your business. Your business info will be on search so customers are able to find you on any device they use to get online.

Editing Your Business Info Is a Breeze

Having a Google business profile is the most convenient way to edit your business info on searches, maps and other online resources. When you update your business profile, it is changed across the Google platform. When potential customers search for a map, they will get your latest contact info. This makes it easier for customers to find your business even if you move or make other changes. Customers can find you on a laptop, desktop computer, iPad or mobile phone. Whether they need driving directions or a phone number to call for an immediate appointment, the latest info is right at their fingertips. This ensures customers can reach you and do business with your company rather than getting frustrated and surfing over the competition.

Make Connections

Creating a Google business profile makes it simpler to build a loyal fan base. When you post content, they can use the +1 button to endorse it as well as share your Google+ posts so others can find them. Customers can rate and review your products and services. You can also respond to these ratings and reviews. If someone gives you a positive review, you can express your gratitude for their business. If there are complaints, you can do damage control and address them immediately. It is an invaluable tool for making connections and offering the highest level of customer service via an interactive online platform.

Build Personal Relationships By Dealing Direct

Often it feels like you are delivering or listening to a monologue on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. While they also play a major role in marketing your manufacturing business, Google+ offers a unique platform to build personal relationships by dealing with customers directly. Consider unique functions such as live video chats, which are referred to as Google hangouts. You can talk to customers via text or video for a truly personalized connection. This is also a budget conscious way to handle customer service inquiries and conduct marketing research. By reaching out to customers, you can find out what they really want from your company.

Google is an Industry Giant

Let’s face it, the sensible choice for any business is to hitch its wagon to a rising star. Google is an industry giant that can boost the reputation of your business. When your company soars up the search engine results, more people can find it. Connecting with Google and posting quality professional content can improve your visibility and improve your reputation. Having a complete Google business profile can help you get found on this leading search engine. Additionally, Google is constantly releasing new innovations and integrated products. Having a Google business profile will be an ongoing advantage for your manufacturing business. No matter what updates are made by Google in the future, you are ready to be a part of them. Customers will recognize your ability to remain cutting edge, which helps them trust the products and services you offer.

[box type=”shadow”]Main Takeaway: Establishing a professional Google business profile is a major marketing advantage for your manufacturing business. Connect with customers, post relevant content and boost your rankings on Google by becoming more active online. Conduct market research and engage in meaningful dialogues with your customers without breaking the bank.[/box]