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Put Readers to Work for Your Brand to Increase Your Social Reach

Getting social shares can seem elusive. The benefits of readers sharing your business posts are so incredibly worthwhile that it makes all of the hard work worth it. It takes careful planning and purposeful execution, but it is possible to encourage your readers to share your posts. The more visibility your posts receive, the more your customers and potential customers learn about your business. There are many different tactics to encourage your customers to share your content to increase your social reach.

Create Great, Informative Content

There is no substitute for good content. An effective strategy is useless if the content is not high quality. If you want your readers to share your blog posts, you need to give them something worth sharing.

Posts Must Provide Value

If your article provides a solution or eliminates a frustration in your reader’s lives, they will be appreciative. When readers appreciate the help you have given them they are more likely to share your article. Readers will rationalize that if your post was useful and helped them, it may help others, too.

Spot Trends Before They Become Trends

Finding a topic that is relevant to your business and trending will draw readers to your post. Writing a post that is on trend will present your brand as a knowledgeable industry leader. This tone will increase the odds of readers sharing the post. The tricky thing about identifying trends is that they are fleeting. Subscribe to newsletters put out by competitors and others in your industry, and follow their blogs and social accounts. When you see a topic that could potentially be a trend preempt it and get it on your blog.

Position Your Brands as an Authority

Readers come to you for a reason, so give them what they want. Keep your message clear and concise, and do not stray from your niche, or area of expertise. Make sure to include relevant videos and photos in your posts. Media can break up the text and make the post more engaging for a reader, but media also makes the post more shareable. Images and videos should include share buttons.

Find Your Customers on Social Media

Different demographics gravitate to various social media platforms. Create a strong presence on the platforms your customers use. If your clients are active on Facebook, your brand needs to do the same. You should not ignore other social media platforms but allocate your time accordingly.

Make Posts Easy to Share

A reader should ask themselves if they want to share your business post; not question how to share your post. Include share buttons in the template of your site, so all a reader needs to do is click an icon, and they are directed to the corresponding social media site. Icons should be located at the end of a post, so as soon as a reader finishes the article, they are presented with the option to share. Curate the social media icons featured on your site. You want to feature the platforms your customers are active on but do not overwhelm them with options.

Just Ask for a Share

Sometimes all it takes is just asking readers to share your post. Your readers may find value in your post, but they may just not think to share it. At the end of the article include a line asking people to share your post. Specifically explain that if they found value in the post, their friends may like it, too. This approach is better because it gives your readers a reason to share.

Collaborate with Industry Influencers

There are people in your industry who are a big deal. These experts have lots of followers, and they have no trouble getting shares. Put them to work for your business. Find a relevant way to mention an industry expert in a post, and let them know. They will be sure to share your post, which will get it in front of their followers who will likely do the same. Take this a step further and ask influencers for an interview or a quote. Again, let them know when your post goes live and tag them in your social media outreach, so they can help spread the word.

Share Your Posts

Get your business posts out on your social media accounts. You can post a link and some catchy content to attract readers. Social media posts must always include an image as this will help catch your follower’s attention as they scroll through their feed. It is effortless for followers already logged into a social media platforms to hit the share button and spread your post across their network.

Find the Right Strategy for Your Business

Landing those first shares can be a struggle. Once your readers start to share your business posts things can change for the better. Your website will get more traffic, your newsletter subscription list will grow, and your company will enjoy a wider exposure.

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