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The New Face of Lead Generation Looks Much Like the Old One

Lead generation is a way to attract customers to your business and encourage them to try your offerings. It is the cornerstone to building a successful enterprise. While some of the rules might have changed slightly, the new face of lead generation largely resembles the old one. Often tried-and-true methods are the best way to get people to notice your products or services and take action. Add innovative Internet strategies to step up your game and realize a measurable ROI.

Viral Versus Traditional Lead Generation Tactics

Contrary to common belief, modern social media and technology have not replaced traditional lead generation tactics. According to Entrepreneur, the two complement each other. It makes sense to continue your regular lead generation methods and enhance them with viral strategies. For businesses on a budget, this is the ultimate way to build a brand without breaking the bank. While social media and the Internet have brought some changes, the goal remains the same – to attract and hold the attention of consumers. From creating controversy to providing unique information, businesses find many ways to capture the consumer’s eye.


New businesses take advantage of search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) to generate leads. Search engines provide updated data about the performance of your marketing efforts. For a minimal budget, start-up enterprises can harness the power of the leading search engines and see a ROI in just a short period of time. Knowing the latest rules of SEO is important to avoid making mistakes. The wrong SEO approach can cause your website to get eliminated from search engine results. It makes sense to develop your campaign based on solid strategies that won’t damage your ranking or reputation.

Advertising Goes Beyond Print

The face of advertising has changed from the days when your only options were newspapers, magazines and local periodicals. Now businesses can advertise on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Pay-per-click ads are used to generate leads as well as promotional tweets directed toward a particular target market. Businesses can also use online display ads, including ones that appeal on mobile devices, to grab attention. Localized ads are effective on mobile devices because many users want something on-the-spot. Taking advantage of local marketing is a terrific way to generate leads than turn into cash for your business.

Mail Marketing Via Email and Postal Services

Now there are two ways to send mail about what your business does. You can define your target market and send out email marketing messages to interested parties. Often posting an offer for a free report or white paper encourages visitors to your website to share their email addresses and personal info. This helps your business develop an email marketing list to reach out to people who want what you have. Direct mail marketing continues to be a solid way to generate leads and stay in touch with existing customers to encourage them to buy again. Your email and direct mail marketing campaigns can complement each other to make the most of every piece of communication.

Expos and Trade Shows

This classic method of generating leads is still a popular tactic today. Attending expos and trade shows gives you a golden opportunity to network with people in your field and connect with consumers who are looking for what your business does. Brochures and promotional products help attendees remember who you are. Include a definitive call to action in your handouts, such as a limited time coupon, to get people to contact you as soon as possible. Take time to talk to each person you meet and shake hands for a more personal touch. This can help you remember the people you met if they contact your business for additional details.

Cold Canvassing

In a world that communicates via the Internet, cold canvassing is almost a forgotten art. People who interact well with others stand out from the competition. People have grown accustomed to receiving communications in a less personal way, such as via email or letter. When someone visits you or calls on the phone, it definitely makes you want to hear more. After all, these types of sales communications have drastically diminished over the past decade. Despite advances in technology, cold canvassing is still a great way to generate leads including sale people and telemarketers.

[box type=”shadow”]Main Takeaway: Despite the advent of the Internet and innovative technologies such as social media, lead generation is much the same. Instead of retiring old strategies, the best approach is to use new tactics to complement your existing marketing campaigns.[/box]