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3 Ways You Can Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

You spend hours creating entertaining, riveting, and thought-provoking content, but people just aren’t seeing it. It’s easy to start questioning your abilities, but it likely has nothing to do with the quality of your content but the search engine optimization of your blog. Understanding some of the basic tenets of SEO (search engine optimization) can help you drive more traffic to your blog. Here are some tips our team at WPamplify has for our clients. 

1. Create More Content

You’re a creative, thoughtful, and entertaining person, and the world deserves more of your content! It also doesn’t hurt that Google wants more of your content as well. The Google algorithm will recognize that you are an active website with regular content updates by regularly posting on your website. 

We recommend updating your blog at least twice per week to maximize your website’s potential. While Google often prioritizes websites with frequent updates, it’s essential not to overdo it. Too many updates and Google will list your website as spam. Being marked as spam is essentially a death sentence when it comes to a website’s search rankings. 

2. Promote Your Content

It’s the 2020s; we’re all on social media now. Promoting your content on your social media channels is a great way to promote your content while also building your brand. We get that social media can often be a radioactive wasteland of toxicity, but it’s essential for anyone trying to develop and grow a brand. 

Posting your content also allows you to interact with your community directly. A common denominator among successful blogs is a writer who is willing to interact with their fans. Interacting with your followers helps build a sense of community, making it easier to ask your followers to share your content or check out other content relative to your blog. 

3. Network

Networking is the key to success in almost every industry known to man. We all remember the phrase “it’s not the grades you make, it’s the hands you shake” from college, and it couldn’t be any more accurate in the blogging community. Networking provides you guest post opportunities that can help expose your blog to an entirely new audience. 

Beyond the obvious benefits of networking, guest posts can also help on the back-end of things. Backlinking and other websites linking your blog can drastically improve your website’s search rankings. If Google sees other websites linking your blog, it assumes you are an authoritative source in your industry. This makes it likelier that Google prioritizes your blogs in search results. 

We Can Help Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

If you’re looking to maximize your blog’s potential, our team here at WPamplify is here to help. We offer a wide range of SEO services designed to help drive more organic traffic to your website. Contact us today to find out what it is we can do for you and your blog.