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Manufacturing Goes Digital Along With Marketing

A century ago, few manufacturing moguls would have imagined an environment that did not involve hard labor. Manufacturing has notoriously been a field where employees worked up a sweat to get the job done. Now manufacturing is going digital and changing the face of how work is done.

As manufacturing enters the digital age, so is the way manufacturing businesses are marketed. The days of Rosie the Riveter and “Read All About It” in the local newspaper are quickly becoming a memory. Find out how you can keep up with the speedy pace of the modern business climate.

Manufacturing Meets the Digital World

Recently we explored the history of manufacturing dating back to the industrial revolution. Consider historical innovations such as the cotton mill that brought hundreds of individual weavers together to create some of the first factories. Innovations such as these led to the first assembly line mastered by Henry Ford in the 20th century. Instead of working individually, people worked at factories to create mass amounts of merchandise based on consumer demand.

Mass production was here to stay. The manufacturing industry is now embarking on what appears to be a third industrial revolution. Manufacturing is developing into a digital process that could change the way business is being done. From lightening speed production to mass customization, digital production will recreate the way manufacturing is handled.

From Printing Presses to Websites

Marketing has also undergone incredible changes as technology moves forward. The invention of the printing press opened up a whole new world. Publications and newspapers were produced. Advertisements helped to cover the costs of creating them. Businesses clamored to score the best ad spaces in local and national publications. Over time, printing evolved and other means were used to market businesses including brochures, flyers, direct mail marketing and business cards.

Now savvy entrepreneurs are using the Internet to market manufacturing businesses through websites, blogs, social media and email marketing campaigns. The digital world is having an impact on everyone and it’s time to hop on board. In the past, people turned to the local newspaper or telephone book to find businesses. Now they conduct an online search. You want to turn up in those search results so customers can find you.

Innovative Digital Evolution in Manufacturing

Recently an article appeared in the Economist outlining the new technologies being used in the manufacturing industry. These progressive means of production involve the use of software, updated materials, robotics, 3D printing and a variety of web-based services. In days gone by, factories cranked out billions of identical products. In the future, factories will be able to offer mass customization to consumers. Consider the weavers from a couple of hundred years ago. It would be possible for factories to customize items in this way without slowing down production.

Customer satisfaction would soar and the price of such products would be reasonable. Let’s look at 3D printing as an example. In the past, it would take a lot of welding and screws to create products that are now designed and created on a printer. This will also create more skilled jobs in the manufacturing industry. People in the manufacturing industry can start learning these skills now to remain relevant in the future.

Bring the Digital Worlds of Manufacturing and Marketing Together

To remain relevant in a cutting edge marketing that moves at a lightening pace, you need to be on top of innovative alternatives. Successful manufacturers are already incorporating software, web-based solutions and 3D printers into their game plan for the future. This ensures they will remain ahead of the curve as the competition starts to recognize industry changes.

The same is true with regard to your marketing approach. Grab the attention of consumers by creating a stellar website, updated blog and relevant email marketing campaign. Create a recognizable presence on social media and interact with your customers. Brand your business by creating a unique logo and voice for its operations. The businesses that stand to survive through these changes are the ones that intend to roll with them.

[box type=”shadow”]Main Takeaway: The only constant in life is change. The manufacturing and marketing industries prove this theory. Cutting edge manufacturing industries are recognizing the immediate need to go digital in their manufacturing and marketing endeavors to stay competitive in a rapidly changing world.[/box]