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How Manufacturing Lead Generation Works

Tackling the lead generation mountain can seem exhausting and impossible. The manufacturing business is challenging and often manufacturers compete in an international marketplace. Successful manufacturers realize a hands-one approach with technical assistance is the best way to generate leads and still remain productive. Consider these easy ways to generate more leads while you stay on track with your day-to-day operations.

Defining a Target Market

Your first essential step is to define your target market. Who do you want to sell your products to? Are you a wholesale or retail operation or a combination of both? Know your average customer and what they really want. Strive to deliver it and express why you are the company they should do business with. What makes your manufacturing enterprise stand out from the rest? Whether you create the highest quality widgets or offer amazing customer service, make sure your customers know about it.

Interactive Website and Social Media Accounts

While your website can be basic, it must be functional. Many manufacturing businesses opt for a WordPress platform because of its simplicity and versatility. Your website must be easy to access on mobile devices as an increasing number of people go online using a smartphone, iPhone or iPad. Create social media accounts on commonly used sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Put links to these social media sites on your website and encourage people to like or follow you. Be interactive by responding to social media posts and blog comments. Show customers your business is listening to what they have to say.

The Power of an Online Contact Form

Clearly post contact information on your website including a physical address, phone number and email address along with links to social media. It is a good idea to create a completely separate page for your business contact info so it is easy to find. Include a contact form for busy people who might not have time at the moment to make a call or create an email. Collect information such as the potential customer’s name, contact info and what they are interested in from your business. Continually field these forms and respond promptly for the greatest chance to get their business. Have a lead verification process in place to determine if responses are legitimate and where they come from.

Keeping Track of Your Leads

Know which methods generate the most leads and how many of them actually convert into paying customers. For example, is it your informational form or Twitter account that generates the most viable leads? This requires data analysis and a strong verification system. Recently an article at Lead Generation recommended using a strong CRM tool to help move leads along to sales. The article also recommends hiring assistance when lead generation and follow-up become overwhelming. Your focus is on manufacturing and it can become distracting to handle all the technical and sales aspects of running your business.

Creating a Lead Generation Assembly Line

When you manufacture a product, every work has his or her own unique role in making it. As the product moves along through the process, it is transformed from raw materials into a useful object. The same process can be used for effective lead generation. Enlist the assistance of skilled employees and outsource certain technical aspects of marketing your business. There should be compelling methods to reach out to your target market and get leads. Then these lead must be verified and a meaningful response sent promptly. Finally, leads should be analyzed and transformed into sales. When leads fail, determine where they came from and why the customer might not have taken action. This help you improve your future online marketing campaigns.

When you approach lead generation with the same level of dedication and efficiency as the rest of your business operations, you will achieve greater success. Recognize you can’t do it all yourself and put certain technological aspects into the hands of a reputable service. Over time, you’ll see your manufacturing enterprise start to become more profitable and recognizable.

[box type=”shadow”]Main Takeaway: Generating leads for your manufacturing business doesn’t have to be a time-consuming mystery when you handle the process in an assembly-line manner. Each person should have a designated role in a predictable process to help your business attract more customers and ultimately achieve higher profits.[/box]