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What Is Keyword Stuffing?

Keyword stuffing is an SEO tactic that many companies accidentally engage in when they are beginning SEO. While this is an honest mistake it is also a mistake that can cost businesses their ranking in search results. It is important to know what keyword stuffing is and ways to avoid it. If you are looking for helpful ways for your business’s SEO consider contacting the team at WPamplify.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is the practice of stuffing a page with keywords to try and increase that page’s rankings in search results on search engines. The search engines can include Google and Bing. These keywords can appear in a few different areas including within the content, in separate lists, and more.

Example of Keyword Stuffing

 Here is an example of keyword stuffing. The keyword in this content is “big red jacket.”

Get a big red jacket for your sweetheart. A big red jacket is a great way to stay warm, so buy a big red jacket today. With a big red jacket, you can have lots of fun outside in your big red jacket. It’s easy to play in your big red jacket and a big red jacket from our company guarantees warmth.

In the paragraph above the keyword density is high. A big red jacket was mentioned 7 times in only 62 words. This is too high and could earn a penalty from search engines. It is also written with no direct audience.  Anyone coming to a website and seeing this will be confused and could potentially leave the site. Last, there is no sense of purpose or cohesion in the paragraph. It’s just rambling on about big red jackets for no reason. 

Your content should be written with an audience-first perspective as well as proofreading to make sure you can spot keyword stuffing before it happens.

Are Keywords Important?

If you are confused about keyword stuffing you have to think about keywords in general. Keywords are important to your website as they help people find pages on your site. For instance, if you are selling big red jackets you do not want people coming to your site looking for yard furniture and pictures for the home. You want visitors who are looking for jackets. Keeping that in mind, all your web pages should contain text that has something to do with your keywords surrounding your jackets. 

Finding what keywords work for your business can be done in a variety of ways. You may choose to use software or work with an internet marketing firm. Some businesses even look at a competitor’s website and base their keywords off that of a competitor to drive sales up.

However, you chose to get your keywords is up to you but once you get them you can begin to insert them into your website material. Over inserting them in where keyword stuffing comes into play.

Keyword Stuffing Can Be Bad

When SEO first started being used search engines were not capable enough to filter reputable sites from ones that just wanted increased traffic. This is why people started stuffing keywords all over their website. It gained them traffic by cheating the system.

That does not work anymore. Today search engines can tell when someone is stuffing keywords on a website and will penalize those sites in their search results. In summary, keyword stuffing is bad for your site. It is not user-friendly, it can get your site penalized, and is it not shareable and will not help you build your brand.

WPAmplify Can Help

At WPamplify we have a team that is dedicated to attracting new clients to your site without stuffing it with keywords. We can write content for you that flows and naturally insert keywords that will work for you. We can help you show up in search engines and help grow your brand and your business over time.

If you are interested in an SEO strategy that works give us a call today. We look forwards to working with you.