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How Instagram can Create Buzz and Boost Sales

Social media is a wonderful resource for business. When used appropriately it can reap vast rewards. Instagram, in particular, offers a unique outlet for businesses to show-case themselves to a large consumer population and is a great opportunity to engage and build relationships with consumers.


If you’re unfamiliar, Instagram is a social media and visual platform. It features the ability to share photos and short video clips with followers. Visual content is gaining popularity because many individuals related to images over words, and images often take less time to interpret versus a long status update or blog post. Instagram is a great way to get your target population in a new, creative way- images and videos.

Building a Connection

As with all sources of social media, Instagram offers the opportunity to build a connection with your potential consumers. Your consumers can follow up and have the opportunity to see your up and coming news a products. Fun and interesting photos and videos can generate a lot of engagement; shares, likes and comments.

In addition to engagement, Instagram can help you build a relationship with your audience. Your followers are able to connect with you on a different level by viewing your photos and videos. It adds a personality to your business and is helps to establish an emotional connection. You can build trust by communicating with your audience by responding to questions, comments and commenting on their posts. Photos of employees and behind the scene pictures are especially fun for your consumers. Building a connection with your consumers is extremely valuable to your bottom line.

Web Traffic

Using Instagram can drive web traffic, which you know can boost sales and revenue. Instagram helps to further brand your business, especially if you’re creative and come up with some fun hashtag comments for your photos. An active Instagram account will help your website’s visibility.

Free Marketing

Instagram is FREE! Yep, free. It doesn’t take a whole lot of time to snap some fun images or videos, add creative hash tags and upload them to the platform. The most time you’ll have to spend is when you initially join and need to find followers and your target audience. Instagram is free and can reap tons of benefits for businesses. It’s far worth the minimal time spent and can help you further your brand and increase sales.