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How to Use Twitter to Generate Leads for Your Business

There was a time when Twitter was just about getting followers and kind of convincing people to re-tweet your posts. Social popularity was the main purpose of having a Twitter account.

But today, Twitter is more than that. It is used by many celebrities for branding purposes. And it is used to generate business leads. It is an effective social media marketing channel and according to studies, 66% of people found out about businesses on Twitter feeds. Otherwise, they never would have been acquainted with that product.

There are also studies showing that 99% of people who follow a business on Twitter may buy something from that business. It is only a matter of time before they do. The good thing is, 69% of the people who followed a business actually bought something. Do the math to figure out the possibilities. If you have a thousand followers, that means 690 potential customers for you. But how do you use Twitter to generate leads for your business?

Engage Your Target Audience and Entertain Them

Twitter has a limited number of characters. It is not a platform where you can write something that is long. When posting, forget that you want leads. What you want is to engage your market. You need to post something that is fun, informative or touches the heart. Focus on entertaining and reaching a nerve that will make a person follow you. And share your latest blog posts on Twitter to get visitors to your website.

If you walk into a room and just pitch your product, customers will not react in a positive way about you. People are tired of sales pitches. When you do this on Twitter, they might avoid you. What you communicate on Twitter is a reflection of your company’s values. If you post friendly tweets, people will recognize your brand beyond a company that is just trying to sell. Furthermore, your audience may get intrigued and start following you. As they get to know more about you, you get them hooked on you.

Separate Your Twitter Accounts

Never use a personal Twitter account for business. The only exception is if your business is yourself. If you are trying to build your brand as a person, say, you are a doctor or a life coach, then it is alright to use your personal Twitter account.

Create a second account solely for the purpose of your business. This way, followers will recognize the business as a different entity from the ones running it. And your personal voice never gets confused by your professional one.

Create an Interesting Bio

Your Twitter bio must have an immediate impact. Summarize your strong points to tell the reader what you do and why he should be interested.

Your bio must have a short description of what the business is all about. More importantly, you need to create a mission that resonates with the people who read it. For example, if you are supporting charity institutions, you need to put it in your bio. Tell people that you donate a certain amount to this charity for every purchase that a customer makes.

Post Regularly

Your followers must have a reason to follow you. If you do not post regularly, there really is nothing to be interested in your company. Keep your followers up to date with what your company has been doing. Do you have a new product? Did you support an event? All these things matter. Relevant updates tell your audience that you are active and that you are getting something done.

In addition, you need to optimize your post. Add an updated post when your followers are awake and active on social media. A good rule of thumb is to post early in the morning while people are eating breakfast and after work, when people are on their way home. Include hashtags so your post is easy to find.

Twitter is an excellent way to brand your business and generate leads. Find out more about our service that adds compelling, relevant tweets to your account daily to people notice you.

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