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How to Integrate a Social Media Marketing Plan with SEO

In a world full of Facebooks, Instagrams, Snapchats and more, having a social media presence is more beneficial than ever. Keeping your company’s mission and products in the minds of the public helps to ensure that you make more money and can serve them more effectively. Engaging social media content that begs to be clicked is one way to grab their attention, but you can garner even more face time though Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Not everyone is familiar with this term, but they should be. Simply put, SEO is the practice of increasing the visibility your website or content receives from search engines. This allows individuals already looking for services similar to yours to find you quickly.

While social media marketing and SEO implementation are different practices, they can be combined and coordinated to provide excellent and worthwhile results. In this post, I will detail five different ways you can successfully integrate SEO practices with your pre-existing social media marketing strategies.

1.  Use the Right Keywords and Topics

With the modern miracle that is Google it is easy to perform valuable keyword research. By using Google Keyword Tool, you can determine what phrases and keywords are most often associated with other phrases and keywords. By implementing this correctly you should be able to tailor the material on both your websites and content post to include these useful phrases more often.

This practice not only increases the targeting quality of your social media marketing content, but also increases your visibility on various search engines. Although there are other similar tools that do this, Google’s service is recommended, as it is the largest and most frequently used search engine out there.

2.  Constantly Review Your SEO Quality

By consistently checking the quality of your now increased web traffic, you can help ensure that the SEO you are gaining is as beneficial as possible. Compare your traffic versus client rate to what it used to be before you began using more advanced SEO and social media marketing integration techniques. This will help you map out strategies far into the future, creating a well-structured marketing plan that will help build your company.

3.  Focus on Emotion as Well as Precision

While being logical or even mechanical about the ways you increase your SEO potential is useful, sometimes you simply have to appeal to your intended audience’s emotions. Finding the sweet spot that leads to content that is both useful to your brand’s future and relevant to your audiences humanity can be a difficult task but is always worthwhile.

If you can create such content, it has a much more likely chance of going viral. Expanding your SEO potential and online visibility in this sort of organic matter will do wonders for your company.

4.  Create Relationships with Authority Sources

When navigating any industry, it is useful to build relationships with companies considered authority sources. The online world of marketing and business practice is not excluded from this. Locating, learning from, and sharing content with any authority sources in your industry can do wonders for your company’s online presence.

For example, if an authority source were to share some of your content on either their websites or social media platforms, you would gain an increased SEO by riding off their already impressive SEO. The best way to ensure these authority companies will want to interact with you is to create the best content you can. Keeping relevant in an industry always comes down to your ability to present new and innovative ideas and approaches.

5.  Target Your Content for Media Coverage

Creating content tailored toward garnering media interest is a surefire way to increase the public’s awareness of your company. Both traditional and online media sources have immense amounts of followers waiting to be guided toward your website. Even one important article shared on one of their social media platforms can generate a massive boost in your website’s traffic.

Taking advantage of this to the fullest, you should attempt to get additional media sources to talk about your content once the ball gets rolling. Additionally, sharing every media post about yourself on your own websites and social media platforms can further increase the boost in SEO you will receive.

Instead of focusing on just one of these approaches to increasing your SEO potential, you should try and implement as many as possible every day. Creating an increased visibility for your product will prove to be the most advantageous thing you can do for your company. Even if you have a superior product, it will fail to be noticed unless you get out there and get it talked about in the public hive mind. Following this article I have provided links to authority sources that detail even more ways to expand your SEO potential.