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How to Come Up With Relevant Blog Topics For Your Business Website

One of the best ways to increase your organic traffic is by adding content to your website. The more pages and posts you have, the more keywords you can target. The team here at WPamplify writes blogs posts and comes up with blog topics for our clients every month.

One of the biggest challenges in blog writing is knowing what to write about. To get started, you need to pick a relevant topic to your industry. These are our top tips to coming up with blog topics:

1. Search Your Google Analytics

A great way to come up with blog topics is by searching your own Google analytics for keywords and phrases that brought readers to your website. Sometimes, you’ll see a full question in your search terms. If you don’t already have a blog that addresses that topic, then you need to write one with that exact title.

It’s always a good idea to optimize on the search terms that Google has identified for your website. You can also see what other keywords you are ranking for using the free tool called Uber suggest. Simply put your website URL into the search bar and it will show you what words you are ranking for.  

2. Keyword Research

Another good way to write relevant blog articles is to do general keyword research. You can use Uber suggest for that as well. Besides that keyword tool, you can use related search terms when you look for a keyword on Google. Also, look at the Google suggestions that drop down in the search bar. For example, you might start typing “piano company” and Google auto-fills “piano company near me”.

3. Look at Your Competitors

Go to other people’s websites that are in your industry. See what they have been writing about on their own blogs. While you don’t want to duplicate their ideas, you can use their topics as a springboard for writing content that is from your personal perspective. Add your own spin on the information and share valuable content that can only be learned from a professional in the industry.

4. Ask For Customer Feedback

Consider putting out a survey to your customers to find out what types of content they are interested in. You can offer an incentive to them by giving a percentage off of their next order or sending them a freebie. Or, you can just put it out there and see if they engage with it. Many people are willing to participate in surveys without incentive.

Post the survey on Facebook and send it out to your newsletter list. Keep the survey short and with multiple choice answers. Leave a space at the bottom of the survey for them to give feedback. This way, if they want to offer more information, they can. But, at the very least, you’ll gather information from the multiple choice answers. Too much blank space on a survey will not provide you with enough data.

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