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How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Facebook

Facebook represents one of the largest social networking sites on the web. Popular with people of all age groups, both young and old, it’s no surprise that Facebook has demonstrated a huge opportunity for small business marketing. There are numerous ways that small business can benefit from Facebook from gaining more exposure to making a more personal connection with consumers; Facebook is a must for small businesses looking to grow.

Free Advertising

One of the best features of Facebook for small business is the fact that use of the site is free. It does not cost anything for a small business to create a Facebook page. The administrator(s) can invite all of their friends to like the page, and all of those friends can in turn invite all of their friends (see where this is going?), all for free. The page will then begin to show up on the newsfeed of the page’s “likers”. It also appears as a recommended page for other people with similar interests or in the same geographical area, who then have to click on it and “like” it.

More advanced advertising can be done on a budget chosen by the page’s administrator(s). The amount of Facebook users reached is dependent upon the amount of the budget. The more money spent, the more users reached. The advertising option allows a minimum budget of $1 and a maximum budget set forth by the administrator.  When compared to other types of advertising, Facebook is relatively inexpensive. Facebook offers a great resource page for new users to learn how to build their business with Facebook.

Exposure and Leads

Everyone recognizes leads as the ultimate, driving force behind the business. We know we need leads to get business. We also know that there is a definite relationship between business exposure and potential leads. The exposure potential for businesses on Facebook is monumental. Facebook currently has 1.19  billion active users worldwide. That number is almost too difficult to grasp! With access to that many people, the exposure potential is huge. When exposure is great, leads will increase.

Business pages can gain exposure both by free posts as well as by paid advertising. By boosting the post and paying for the advertising, the exposure can be maximized to reach more users. The higher the advertising budget, the higher the number of users reached and the more leads generated.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a key element to ensuring the success of your business’s website. There is quite a bit of speculation about Facebook’s impact on search engine optimization. Many web professionals argue that the business’s information isn’t easily searchable by Google. However, very often, if searching a business on the web, their Facebook page is one of the first sites to appear. This obviously suggests that having a Facebook page positively impacts search engine optimization.

Reaching a Targeted Population

One great feature of Facebook marketing is the ability to choose target audiences. When choosing to boost a post or create a story to share, administrators have the opportunity to add zip-codes, key words and other criteria to narrow down the focus to their target audience. This helps the business really focus in on the population that can best use what they have to offer. This kind of targeted marketing can be difficult to gain in other advertising outlets. As long as the business has identified what their ideal consumer population looks like, they can apply those criteria to their Facebook paid advertising posts. A targeted audience means reaching a larger population who are seeking what you have to offer.

Connecting with the Consumer

Facebook and all social media sites offer businesses a unique and great way to connect with the consumer. This type of engagement cannot be seen elsewhere. Businesses have the great opportunity to be creative with what they share with their consumers and target population. Consumers can see another side to the business that may not have been viewable otherwise. Posts including pictures are incredibly popular as well as posts with specials and customer incentives. The business can respond to comments and questions directly on the page as well. This type of customer engagement is huge and is one of the reasons Facebook for business has been so popular.

Wrap Up

Facebook represents the most used social networking site in the world. People of all ages use Facebook, making it a prime resource for small business marketing. A business Facebook page is completely free to create, update and post. There are reasonable advertising rates for businesses looking to increase their exposure and leads. Facebook helps boost search engine optimization so that web users can easily access the business on the web. Ultimately, Facebook creates a great opportunity for small business to increase their exposure, generate leads and connect with consumers in a new way.