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How Often Should I Post on My Google My Business Listing?

As a small business owner, one of your best strategies for being found online is through your local Google My Business listing. Even if you offer your services across the US as we do, your local listing can be valuable in targeting the people that live in your surrounding area and state. At WPamplify, we offer Google My Business SEO services to small and large companies. As part of that strategy, we post on our clients’ listings. 

Here are some of the tips for how often you should post on your listing and what you should be posting when you do. 

How Often Should I Post On My Google My Business Listing? 

It’s hard to know what metrics a platform uses to determine how engaged an account is. However, with Google My Business, we believe they have given us the answer on how often you should be posting on your listing. If you’ve ever posted before then you will receive an email about a week after the post goes live to tell you how many people saw the post. For that reason, we believe that once a week is a good starting point for the number of times you post on your listing. 

Should You Only Post Once Per Week? 

Not necessarily. If you post more often than that, it isn’t going to hurt the listing. However, we haven’t tested enough to determine whether or not you’ll get better results by posting multiple times per week or not. If you have time or someone in the office that can be committed to posting more often, it wouldn’t hurt the listing…and can potentially help it. 

What Should The Post Include? 

One thing we know for sure is that Google My Business wants you to post images on your posts to get more engagement. When they send you the weekly report for your post, it will always tell you to get better engagement you should add a photo. Make sure you manually upload a photo on all of your listings. It will not pull a thumbnail from a link you share to the listing. 

The other thing your posts should include is a call to action button. You can select from these choices: 

  • Book
  • Call now
  • Learn more
  • Buy
  • Online purchase

When you go to add the post, make sure you chose one of those buttons. If you go with learn more, link back to the page on your website that is most relevant to the information you posted. 

What Types of Content Should You Avoid? 

If you are the kind of business that likes to share content put out by other businesses or blogs, this isn’t the right platform to do that. Your listing should only have information about your business and the things that pertain to you. While the posting is similar to any other social media platform, the posts you publish on your listing are prominent in the search results. You don’t want to end up losing potential customers to other sites because they clicked on a post. 

Another thing you should avoid posting on your listing is anything that would violate Google’s rules for posting. For example, content that is sexual in nature, certain health-related content, violence, and other things can end up being removed from your listing. If for some reason you have a post removed, make note of it and avoid posting about that type of information in the future. Otherwise, too many violations can affect your listing. 

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