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Holiday Marketing Tools for Small Business Success

The holidays are coming quickly, and everyone is starting to get into the spirit of them. You’ve probably thought of ways that you can decorate your office space with festive fall harvest decorations for Thanksgiving. Did you know that you could be doing more with the holidays that to amp up business? You can bring the holidays into your marketing efforts to add a nice touch of personalization to your business as you show customers you’re more than just a faceless company. Use some basic holiday marketing tools for small business success.

Personalizing Your Business

Bringing the holidays into your marketing efforts on social media, emails and other ways you connect with your customers put a more personal spin on your company. Often, our emails and communications don’t help to put a more personal face on the brand because we present them as completely professional. Adding some seasonal touches with holiday-themed emails, or sending clients personalized holiday e-cards, help to create a more personal touch that customers appreciate.

Show Appreciation

Everyone wants to feel like they are more than just an account number or statistics on a profit spreadsheet. Personalized holiday messages help them know they are appreciated by actual people that work for your company.

Holiday Branding

Add to your personal side by infusing your online presence with fun holiday branding. These touches can be whimsical or classy depending on the tone you’re trying to set for your company. Upload holiday-themed pictures for your social media presence. Change your website’s landing pages to have a more holiday feel to them. Share interesting holiday-themed articles with your customers.

Festive Theme

Put a holiday theme on your email program for outgoing emails and your newsletter. It doesn’t have to be overly holiday-fied, but a nice classy holly in the corner of the screen or small bunch of Christmas ornaments can be just the right touch.

Create Exclusive Sales

The holidays are a time when people spend money, but they also look for good deals. Create exclusive holiday sales for those who follow you on social media or get your emailed newsletters.

Two Purposes

This works in two ways. The sale offers customers a chance to spend less than they normally would on your products or services. Plus, it makes them feel good as they are getting to take advantage of an exclusive offer that they’re only getting because of the interactions they’ve taken with your company in the past. This gives loyal customers a reason to throw down some hard-earned money before the holidays to take advantage of exclusive special pricing.

Social Media Contests

The holidays are a great time for holding social media contests. People love the chance to get something for free for the holidays. This could be an item that they might like to use for themselves or give as a gift.

Everyone is a Winner

You may be thinking that you don’t have enough capital to hold a contest for a new tablet or another high-demand item, and that’s okay. A contest is a chance for customers to use your service for free or obtain a free upgrade for a period of time. This strategy doesn’t require you to put out money upfront to purchase an item. This gives clients a chance to save some money during the season of giving, so it’s a win-win.

Holiday e-Cards

Creating personalized holiday e-cards for your clients and customers may take a little more time than just sending out a regular blast. However, the effort won’t go unnoticed.

Build a Positive Message

It may seem like your clients aren’t paying attention, and yes, there’s probably a few that might not really notice the effort you put into the e-card. In the long-run, personalized messages help to build a positive image in your clients’ minds. When customers need your type of product or service again, this personalization keeps you in their thoughts. When their friends or family need a referral, this brings your company to the forefront of the conversation.

Scheduling Social Media

You may be thinking that you don’t have time to handle your social media or emails during the holiday season. You might also think there’s just too much going on with trying to get everything in around all of the days your business is closed.

Free Your Schedule

The beautiful thing with social media and emails are that you can schedule when you want them to be posted or sent to customers. This frees up your schedule when you’re really busy but want to continue your communication with clients.

The holidays can be a time of celebration for your employees and your clients, so it’s great to incorporate a little cheer into your interactions. People enjoy working with a company that has employees that are more than just faceless cogs in a corporate machine. This adds that humanized touch that lets others know that your company is more than just an impersonal entity behind a wall of cubicles.

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