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What Can I Do To Help My SEO?

If you are deep in the blogging world then you already understand the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You are probably more interested in determining what exactly you can be doing to help boost your SEO if you are not getting the desired traffic to your site. SEO is more than just including the key word in your content. It has to do with having the correct headers, the keywords and the synonymous keywords, the correct format, and making sure you are giving your content a proper title as well. Below are a few ways to help your SEO flourish even more and the steps needed to keep your newly driven site traffic in order to turn them into lifelong clients. 

Getting Reviews 

Many people forget about this part of SEO in specific because they are all caught up with “keywords”. Reviews are very important in boosting your SEO, as they give your content more credibility. Someone who has read your piece and complemented your honesty and helpfulness of the content will surely drive more authentic traffic to your site. Obviously, good reviews help to promote any website because it’s giving them the green check that their content was actually useful and accurate. 

Creating Scripts For Answering Phone Calls

When you start investing more into your SEO more leads will begin calling and looking for information. It’s important that you provide your front desk staff, or whomever is taking on the inbound calls, a proper script for answering the phone calls. You want to have your staff well-informed and properly trained on how to answer any questions and how to provide positive information that will lead to the client returning for services and products. 

Having A Follow Up Strategy

So you’re getting calls, leads are pouring in, you need to have a follow up strategy in place to turn these leads into clients! Many people will reach out to gather information about your services and products offered and they will be doing the same with several other companies as well. Most people like to make a well-rounded decision after gathering all the information from several sources. 

Having a follow up strategy will ensure that you come out as the top prospect. Someone who is organized and cares about their clients as they check up on their well-being. A spreadsheet will be your best friend in keeping the number of people reaching out to you in order. Be sure to make use of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to keep detailed notes of your calls and always be well-informed. Lastly, putting in place an automatic email campaign will be highly beneficial to your office. It’s something that is minimal work and always ensures that all leads are followed up with. 

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