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#hashtagmarketing – Tips for Better Twitter Marketing Using Hashtags

We all are aware that marketing is alive and well on Twitter.  Many businesses have found this particular social media tool to be a most successful method for creating buzz about their product or service.  Even older, more established name plates are finding marketing success in a medium which skews toward young adults and teens.

Tools of the Twitter Trade

What makes Twitter so much of a challenge for marketers — who are accustomed to having 30 or 60 seconds to get their message across — is Twitter’s 140-character limit.  Yes, creativity has always been a trademark of traditional marketing campaigns, but new methods of communication require a breakaway from traditional methods.

Among the popular marketing tools in use currently is a photograph, or a series of photographs, complemented by a short tagline.  Much like a magazine ad, these quickie ads can draw attention to a business, but can leave the consumer wanting more information.  That’s where the hashtag comes in.

In the immediacy of the Twitter world, a hashtag brings people right into the world of the marketer.  Hashtags also allow the interested consumer a chance to participate in the marketing.  So let’s take a look at the best ways hashtags can be employed in a Twitter marketing campaign.  #herewego

Use your hashtag to draw attention to your business

It wouldn’t make much sense if your business’s hashtag had nothing to do with your product or service.  There should be a link between your hashtag and your brand.  If not on outright use of the company name, then at least an obvious reference to a successful marketing campaign being used by the business in another medium.

  • The Coca Cola brand was one of the first of the “old guard” businesses to employ hashtags as a marketing strategy. Their #shareacoke campaign was a huge success.  The hashtag was their motto across their entire range of marketing.

Make your marketing hashtag an interactive landing spot

Give Twitter users a reason to hit your website.  Various incentives and interaction with other product users through hosted contests is a proven method for spreading your company’s brand over a larger section of Twitter users.

  • Including a site link in your marketing tweet makes it easier for followers to submit their own ideas for your hashtag.
  • Award prizes in conjunction with a customer retweeting your business’s marketing message. It is effective and everyone wants to be a winner.
  • Contests and opinion polls are an effective way to spread your message, and insures customer participation. An opinion poll can also be a useful tool for gauging customer reactions about your company and its products.
  • Make contest registration simple. Using more than one step for contest participation can turn off potential contestants.

Stay current with trending hashtags

The immediacy in which the digital world moves can provide endless opportunities for a company to latch onto a Twitter trend with their own slant on a hashtag. Conduct some research online to find out what people are Googling.  If you stay up on the recent trends, more people will know what you’re talking about.

  • Look for opportunities in any medium. So many events are taking place at one time or another:  Awards shows, professional or college athletic events, hot movies or movie premieres, concerts, all have the potential for connection by a business with a personalized hashtag.



Don’t be afraid to interconnect marketing mediums

Marketing’s main focus has always been to “spread the word.”  Often times the advertising campaign for a business is present through more than just one form of media.  In a world with constant connection through numerous forms of media, it’s easy to bridge your hashtag marketing with any other form of marketing.

  • Using interconnected marketing reaches more customers.
  • Depending on the age group your marketing is geared towards, there’s nothing wrong with picking up customers of a different demographic.
  • A younger demographic is more likely to be attracted to marketing from Twitter, while an older group may be more influenced by television.
  • Your hashtag’s presence can find customers noticing your message who might not otherwise be aware.

Incorporate customer service as part of your hashtag

Not many situations can sully the good name of a business more than lousy company response to customer complaints.  Your hashtag campaign can improve the image of your business by providing immediate response to customers.

  • By designating a dedicated Twitter account for customer service issues, resolution can happen quickly. The expedited service will ensure all your customers are happy.
  • Use of a dedicated customer service hashtag can be spread easily through customer comments.

Graphics can set your hashtag marketing apart

As noted earlier, the 140-character limit for tweets can make it difficult for your business to properly communicate their marketing message.  A single photograph or graphic image can say much more.  For some businesses, the image can supersede any written or spoken marketing.  Nike has the “swoosh,” Chevrolet’s image is the “bowtie,” Cialis’ graphic picture of two bathtubs, any many more visual cues, symbolize and promote a product without words.

  • Use graphics that tie in with your marketing strategy.
  • Any graphic that’s easy to understand will stop a lot of confusion with people.
  • There are times when a company creates graphics, only for their meaning to be lost on a misunderstanding. Keep it simple and people will love it.

Team up with another business for marketing

A more recent trend in hashtag marketing is the coupling of two business interests in such a manner where both receive greater exposure of their brand.  The practice is common for any number of sporting events.  Hardly a minute passes without mention of a product, in conjunction with sponsorship of any notable facet or juncture (seventh inning stretch, instant replay, and kick off, pace lap) during the game.

  • Making an agreement with the right sponsor will give you extra credibility.
  • Whether it’s through local programming or sponsor statements, getting endorsed will help your company.
  • If you can manage to score some air time with any sporting event, the sheer volume will drive people towards your site.

Use content marketing ideas that people will adore

If you can use the right marketing tools to appeal to a certain audience, it will help drive people to your website.  All it takes is a little creativity and know-how to attract your target audience.  While it does help to connect to a wide range of consumers, knowing your audience is a must.

  • For example, if you have a pet supply store, you should also focus on more than just the pets. You can show a picture of a dog getting a bath, or a cat playing with a toy.  The idea is to narrow the search, and who doesn’t adore cute animals playing?
  • People love it when you make it easy to find information. Focus campaigns on one particular area.  Understanding what the market needs and providing that product or service will serve you and your customers much better.
  • When you’re creating content for marketing, get creative. Think outside the box and see what people are talking about.  Remember to use keywords that will strike a positive emotion, which gives customer the feeling like you’re talking directly to them.

The point of marketing your business is to reach new customers.  In the past, newspapers, radio, and television were the most effective means to reach the masses.  With the advent of Smartphones and constant connection via services like Twitter, the potential for global marketing has grown by leaps and bounds.  Hashtags in particular, can mean huge gains in the exposure needed for your marketing strategy to succeed. By following a few simple steps, the chance for the expansion and success of your business is now at your fingertips.