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What Is Google Search Console & Why Is It Important

Often overlooked, Google Search Console is one of the best SEO tools available for your business website. Google Search Console was previously known as Webmaster Tools. It is a collection of tools that can make sure that your website is healthy and Google friendly. 

Most users do not realize that Google Search Console can be used for so much more. It can also help you diagnose any technical SEO issues, and understand your most popular pages. It can help you see your rankings and help increase your organic traffic. It is completely free and any website can use it.

What Is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a collection of tools and reports that allows anyone who operates a website to monitor, manage and improve their website, It is a web service that is provided by Google free of charge, and it gives you information about your website and the people who visit it. The data provided from using Google Search Console makes optimizing your website easier and faster. 

Getting Started

if you have not already signed up for Google Search Console, it is time to set it up for your site. Getting set up is easy and can be done in 5 simple steps.

  1. Sign in to your Google account that you want to be associated with your website
  2. Open up Google Search Console and hit start now
  3. Add a new website to Google Search Console by clicking start or add property.
  4. Add your domain, making sure to use the exact URL
  5. Verify your account.

It is as simple as that to get your website set up in Google Search Console. Should you have any questions the team at WPamplify can help.

Google Search Console Features

Now that you have set up a Google Search Console you may be wondering what is the next step. You should use the data you received, examine it and improve your SEO with what you found.

Some reports that are available in Google Search Console include:

  • Index report- tells you how well Google is indexing your site
  • Overview report- shows the overall performance of your site
  • URL inspection- shows how specific pages are performing from a technical standpoint
  • Performance report- Shows how your pages are performing
  • Link report- Shows your external and internal links

Before you use all these reports you should understand the metrics and data that is in them. Our team would be more than happy to discuss this with you.

Why Is Google Search Console Important?

When Google rebranded Google Webmaster Tools into Google Search Console it was a great one. Google Search Console is more user friendly and appeals to a wide variety of users. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business owner or an SEO expert and webmaster, Google Search Console is important and can help you.

Do not let your marketing suffer any longer, Search Console can provide you with the data needed to improve your digital marketing tactics and strategy for better leads. You can use Google Search Console to:

  • Track the progress of content marketing efforts
  • Track your websites SEO performance
  • Gain information about your site’s mobile usability
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Site crawling, so Google can find and index your site.

These are just a few features of how Google Search Console can help your website. Used correctly you can ensure your marketing messages show up the way you intend them to and increase your traffic and sales.

WPamplify Knows Google Search Console

GSC can be a vital piece of your SEP strategy if used properly. The team at WPamplify knows how to do this and would love to work with you on getting your website how you want it, with increased traffic and sales. Contact us today for more information on our services.