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What You Need To Know About The Google Helpful Update

The Google Helpful Update is a new algorithm update that Google recently announced will be rolling out soon. The update is aimed at rewarding content creators who create and share beneficial and satisfying user content. The update will also reduce the visibility of some content that was for the purpose of generating clicks and ranking in the search engines. Here at WPamplify, we have been checking our clients’ sites to make sure that they were not negatively impacted by the update. So far they have only seen a positive increase. 

Write Niche’ Based Content That is Relevant To Your Business

A good way to ensure that your website and its content are on the right track for this update is by ensuring your website has a primary focus and purpose. Once you have that focus, it is important to stay true to it and not be distracted by trending topics off-subject. 

If you find yourself producing content in order to see how well it performs in search results, then you are doing it wrong. Remain true to the topic areas that you know you can speak to and provide real insight for your site’s visitors. If you don’t understand what you are writing about or trying to say, then how can you expect those who read it to?

Give Real Answers And Information On Your Website

Google views helpful content as content that helps people complete a task. Helpful Content also should teach them something that they want to know or may need to know. Your audience should be able to easily find answer-giving or solutions providing content on your site. 

When creating content, it is beneficial to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. What would you want or need to know? Once you understand what they want, then you can move forward in creating the content that they need. 

Create A Positive User Experience

Not only does Google want to improve the content of your website, but Google also wants you to focus on your website’s user experience, too. This means that the content you provide on your site allows its visitors to leave feeling full and informed. You will also want to keep your content simple and clear so that it is easy enough to read and navigate.

A good way to ensure a positive user experience is by answering any questions in a straightforward way and not beating around the bush. Don’t add “fluff” into your content, meaning don’t just add words or phrases to fill space or create clicks. Add valuable information relevant to your site and any services provided. This will not only help to create traffic for new visitors but will also create loyal, repeat visitors. 

Contact Us For SEO Help

The new Google Update may be a little daunting, especially for small or just beginning businesses. The good news is that there are people to help. The specialists at WPamplify can help you, and your business effectively gets the update to work for you, not against you. You can call us or visit us online. Consultation is free. We know the business and want to help you with yours.