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Fun Fall Social Media Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Fall is not just a time of change for all the wonders of nature. It is also the ideal time for you to spruce up your social media marketing strategy. Social media has skyrocketed as a medium for businesses to remain in the consciousness of their customers. Fall is the perfect opportunity to update posts on your business’s social media sites and use them to their full advantage. The following are some tips to keep in mind when you are updating your social media sites.

Launch a seasonal photo contest

One of the best aspects of fall is the abundance of beautiful colors that appear in nature. Autumn presents many opportunities for even the most amateur shutterbug. Your business can take full advantage of this opportunity. Launch a contest on Instagram or Facebook and offer a prize for the picture with the best representation of the season. You can easily expand the contest and include categories such as “Best Scarecrow,” “Best Landscape,” or “Best Autumn Activity.” Offer a great prize and re-post the winners on your social media account.

Host a fall-themed social media party

Host an exclusive in-store event for all of your social media followers. Send a blast of invitations to all of your followers on every social media site you use for your business. Use your social media outlets to offer incentives to attend and reward attendees with special promotions and giveaways. Your followers may feel so special that they become customers for life.

Holiday tips and tricks

Fall brings with it the beginning of the holiday season and the opportunity to be festive. This time of year presents a terrific opportunity to use social media to lend a helping hand to your customers and clients. Everybody is always looking for ways to simplify the holidays. For Halloween, you can suggest party ideas, costume ideas, or even alternatives to handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. For Thanksgiving, the possibilities are endless. You can provide new recipes, hostess gift ideas, shortcuts for preparing the feast, and decorating ideas. Before the fall turns into winter, you can even start providing tips for Christmas. A carefully planned daily tip that is shared via social media will have your customers looking forward to seeing your daily or weekly piece of advice.

Hire a professional

There is an art to marketing a business through social media outlets. There are several benefits to hiring a professional to take care of your social media marketing needs. Small Business Trends recognizes the benefits a business can receive by hiring a professional social media agency. These include building brand recognition, increasing your audience, and projecting brand value as well as brand promotion, dealing with competition, and achieving goals in less time. All of these aspects are vitally important for a business. A professional who specializes in social media marketing knows just how to use each holiday and season to your business’s advantage.

Update your content

You should be updating your social media content on a regular and ongoing basis. However, fall is a great time of the year to take a thorough assessment of all of all of the content on your social media outlets. Make sure all of the content on your social media site is current and relevant. This is a great time to add some seasonal information such as announcing an upcoming fall clearance sale or even letting your customers know where the best leaf color-changing sites in the area are. Click here to find some other great fall marketing ideas that you can promote on your social media profiles. When your content is fresh and interesting, your customers will keep coming back to your social media pages to discover new information.

Fall themed cover photos

The cover photo is the first thing that people see when they visit your Facebook page. Make a good impression and have it reflect the season. Fall gives you the opportunity to be whimsical by using a cover photo of scarecrows or Jack-o’-lanterns. You can also achieve a more formal appearance by using a photo of auburn-colored trees, or even a large pile of fallen leaves. Having a seasonal photo will motivate customers to check your site more often to see what’s new. If you can find a fall-themed cover photo that also reflects your business in some way, it’s an added bonus.

You can reap many rewards by using the fall to take care of your social media marketing needs. Take the opportunities that this season presents to you and use them to your advantage. Before you know it, your business will be thriving better than ever. If you need assistance with your fall social media posts for your marketing endeavors, contact WP Amplify today to see how we can help you.