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Five Tools You Need for Easy Tweeting

Twitter is an excellent social media platform for connecting with your target market audience, industry influencers and other relevant figures in your field of business. Engaging in social activities and conversations on this platform can also be time consuming. Here are five tools that can help make your Twitter experience easier to handle.

Tweet Jukebox

One of the biggest ways to actively engage in Twitter activity is to take part in conversations. These conversations provide insight into issues that your customer base is currently facing while also alerting you to the current trending topics within your industry. You need to participate in the conversations by adding your own content.

Tweet Jukebox simplifies this task by providing you with a jukebox of text content and another one with image content. You can create a third jukebox containing company specific content for promotional use. Create a schedule of tweet post times that incorporates the content from all three jukeboxes over a time-period that you set.

You can schedule content to focus on one particular jukebox at a time or schedule each content piece in your available jukeboxes individually. There is also the option to schedule a tweet to go out once a year, such as with a holiday, or by frequency, such as once every ten hours. The individual options are useful when you are running marketing campaigns and wish to focus on a target promotional message for a short period of time.

Spruce Your Images

Twitter only allows users up to 140 characters per tweet to capture the attention of account followers. Eye-catching images provide you with the perfect opportunity to work around this limitation. Spruce is a great tool for creating images that will prompt your followers to click on a tweet from your company that appears in their news feed.

The tool allows you to add text to any image, outside of  the 140 character limit. You can upload your own images or select one from the background photo library the tool provides as part of your account. Once the picture is ready, you simply preview it for accuracy and then send it out across the Twitter universe. You can also save the image for use on other social media channels, such as Facebook.

ManageFlitter Your Followers

As you start to increase your level of participation on Twitter, your number of followers will steadily increase. These individuals provide a wealth of marketing information that you can use for any marketing campaign that you would like to run on Twitter. ManageFlitter is a tool that can help you monitor each new follower you receive, while also providing demographic and psychographic information at the same time.

Your account dashboard features basic information on the current followers of your account. The information starts by identifying characterizations of your followers that include the following key pieces of information.

  • Who may no longer be following you.
  • Who may be an inactive account.
  • Who may be a spam account.
  • Who is an industry influence.
  • Who you have on mute.

You also have the option of looking over the list of users you are following to see who may not be following you in return. By having this information at your fingertips, you can easily make your Twitter account more productive in terms of achieving the marketing goals that you have set for this social media channel.

ManageFlitter gives you the chance to take a closer look at each individual follower of your account. You simply hover over a user’s name that appears on your list of followers to bring up specific information about that person. It displays account information for that person, including the following items.

  • Current location
  • Language preference
  • Total number of tweets sent
  • Number of account followers
  • Number of accounts following

You will also learn when that particular Twitter account opened and how many tweets, on average, the person sends each day. Detail specific information on your account followers can help you create a stronger local area marketing presence if your followers list includes a large percentage of local area residents.

Commun.it Helps Relationships

Maintaining an active presence within the relationships that you create on Twitter is an essential part of being on this social media channel. Commun.it helps you manage these relationships so that you can actively interact with your followers and enhance their experience with your company.

The tool gives you a dashboard presentation of the current action on your account, what your Twitter community is talking about, user reports available and campaigns that you may be running at the time. Click on the ‘action’ tab to see, at a glance, who is actively participating in the content you share, who you should be following and who you may want to consider unfollowing. Industry influencers and active account followers have a corresponding label for easy identification as the accounts you want to actively respond to as often as possible.

Under the ‘community’ tab you will see detailed information on the general activity of your news feed. It allows you to see tweets by other users that are receiving high levels of activity. You then have the option to reply to a high performance tweet or retweet it to your audience. There is also a suggestion area that provides tweets your audience may like based upon the current activity taking place in your community.

The ‘reports’ tab provides you with feedback information on how well your account is performing. You will see how far each tweet you send is reaching your target market audience and how well each tweet is performing in terms of retweets or replies you receive.

To the left of the main ‘reports’ dashboard screen is a menu that offers additional information on the performance of your account. You can see which followers are providing the most value to your account, how many followers retweet your content, mention you in a tweet or like something that you share.

The ‘campaigns’ tab provides you with an opportunity to schedule tweets that mention specific account followers by username. It can be beneficial when you are running a target market campaign or want to show your appreciation for new users that are now following your account. You can send the standard content tweet that the tool provides or create a custom content tweet to give your appreciation tweets a more personal feel.

RiteTag Your Hashtags

The hashtag craze got its start in the world of Twitter as users began to see that adding the symbol to a word or word phrase segmented tweets of a certain topic into an easy-to-follow conversation format. Ritetag gives you the chance to maximize the potential of any hashtag you use in a tweet by showing you which ones are receiving the highest level of engagement at the moment.

You have the option of installing a plugin on your Internet browser that scans a website page you are viewing to find hashtag options for you. It recommends high performing hashtags that you can include in a tweet that will share a link to that page. When the dialog box appears showing this information, you can either send the relevant tweet at that time or schedule it to go out at a later point in time. That way, you can remain on that particular website page without losing the opportunity to send a tweet with that hashtag to your followers.

In your Ritetag account page, you can see a list of hashtags that are currently trending on Twitter. When you click on a hashtag of interest, you receive additional information including how it is performing in the current hour, how many Twitter users are viewing the hashtag and how many tweets and retweets that hashtag is currently receiving. It can help you know whether or not it is beneficial to include that particular hashtag in a tweet you are preparing to send.

When you decide on a hashtag to include in a tweet, you will receive information on how well it is performing on your account. Under the ‘my intel’ tab on your account dashboard page you will see how many views the tweet has, how many followers are engaging with your hashtag and how many mentions, retweets or replies you receive as a result.

The tool also gives you the ability to set up an alert system that lets you know when a hashtag that you frequently use appears on other social media channels. Having alerts in place works to let you know when a particular hashtag has overexposure. When that happens, it will no longer be effective as part of your tweets. At that point, you may want to consider exchanging it for a fresh hashtag that is more relevant at the time.

Each of these tools work to make your Twitter experience operate more smoothly on a daily basis. As you engage in conversations and provide content that keeps your followers intrigued, you will benefit from the results that this social media channel can provide.