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5 Affordable Marketing Campaigns That Complement SEO Strategies

Savvy online entrepreneurs realize it takes more than SEO to attract attention and convert visitors into paying customers. Search engines are focused on driving traffic to your website, not sealing the deal. A multi-level approach to marketing, including marketing campaigns, works best. Consider five affordable marketing methods that complement your SEO strategies for total success.

1. Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is still an effective way to reach out to new customers and nurture relationships with current ones. For decades, businesses have been using direct mail to encourage people to take action. Direct mail marketing campaigns can be simple and affordable. For example, you can send postcards with a special offer to people who provide their email addresses on a form on your website. This also helps you create a targeting mailing list for future marketing campaigns, such as a marketing campaign email.

Send brochures with updates and new offerings to current customers. Invest in simple promotional products such as holiday cards, calendars, and magnets with your company name and logo. Encourage customers to score discounts that are only available by mail. Purchase a mailing list to solicit your target market. Always include your website address so they know where to find you online.

2. Basic Branding

Branding makes a business more recognizable, recent, and valuable. When people decide to sell a business, they can ask for more money if they have a notable brand. Branding doesn’t have to involve expensive campaigns. It is affordable to have a special logo designed for your business. Sole proprietors often get a caricature of themselves. Make sure the image is simple, easy to remember, and makes people think of you.

Having a unique voice should also be part of your branding efforts. You don’t want to sound like everyone else. If you like to make people laugh, infuse humor into your content. Knowledgeable scholars can adopt an authoritative voice people turn to for answers. From upbeat to serious, your brand should have a personality – just like you.

3. Helpful Content

Everyone has heard the statement about the content being king. It can actually be the backbone of your business. Strong content brings visitors to your website and makes them return for more. Seek to inform, amuse, or satisfy your visitors. Answer important questions and present needs with potential solutions. Become a solid resource people can depend on.

Make sure your content is easy to read. Proofread what you post to get rid of glaring spelling errors. Include buttons so people can share content they like on social media such as Facebook and Twitter in this growing digital age. Update your content regularly to keep your website and blog fresh. New content brings more traffic to your website and promotes your SEO efforts by attracting the major search engines.

4. Outstanding Customer Service

Common courtesy has definitely become an uncommon thing in today’s fast-paced world. How many times do you marvel about the rudeness of a customer service representative or cashier? These people represent the business. When they are rude or fail to properly answer your questions, it reflects poorly on the company. No matter how large or small your business, outstanding customer service makes you stand out from the competition.

Talk to your customers and find out what they want. Distribute surveys to learn more about their needs. Thank your customers verbally, in writing and by offering special deals or freebies. Let your customers know you value them. People notice when they are treated well and tend to share these experiences with others. Build positive word-of-mouth by being nice to people who deal with your business.

5. Personalized Interactions

Add a personal touch to your business interactions. Open social media accounts for your business and connect with others. Comment on their posts and updates. Respond to comments that are left for your business. Show you are concerned about what other people think and feel. Building relationships is another thoughtful way to market your business. Being friendly and responsive goes a long way.

Remember special moments in your customers’ and associates’ lives. Send birthday greetings and wish them a happy New Year. Acknowledge milestone moments in their lives such as promotions, graduations, and anniversaries. People think of your business when you think of them. They remember when you make them feel good and come back to get that great feeling again.

Main Takeaway: SEO is an integral part of a strong marketing campaign. Add direct mail marketing, branding, and great customer service to your SEO efforts. A tiered marketing approach with outstanding content is the most effective way to market your enterprise and ensure it has staying power. If you need help with your marketing campaigns or would like to see successful campaign examples, give us a call!