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What Should I Expect From An SEO Company?

Everyone is talking about SEO, search engines and digital marketing. After awhile, you can get lost in the din. There are multiple voices chiming into the debate, each with a different perspective. Unfortunately, the wrong SEO company can cause your website to get downgraded or even eliminated from major search engine results. What should you expect from an SEO company and how do you know they’ll deliver?

Research and Analysis

The process starts with in-depth research and analysis of your current business model. From your website to your marketing campaigns, the SEO company finds out what you’ve been doing to promote your enterprise. They examine coding on your website and get rid stuff that could be holding it back. Your content is scrutinized along with the keywords you currently use. An SEO company will determine the best keywords with the most potential for your website to rank well. Heavily used keywords might not be the best option because the market is already saturated. An SEO company looks at website statistics on sites such as Google Analytics to find out how your website is doing and where most of your traffic comes from. Without detailed research and analysis, the SEO company can’t develop a viable strategy to market your business.

Think About Links

According to Forbes, link building is one of the important services provided by an SEO company. Once again, poor strategies can be detrimental to your website’s ranking and success. Not all links are good ones. An SEO pro will review your current links and get rid of ones that could be bad. They will also find ways to build links that help to promote your business and improve its overall ranking on the search engines. Link building is a form of online networking that offers greater value to your website visitors. Including links to pertinent content helps your business become a valued resource in its industry. Link building may include researching your brand image and checking out how the competitors in your industry look.

Crafty Content

If your website content is poorly written or boring, an SEO company will let you know. They can help you develop more compelling content that offers real value to your readers. The content should do more than specify your business name, address and function. It needs to provide genuine information, outline the benefits of doing business with your company and include a strong call to action to get people to do something. Good content builds relationships. Great content is shared by others to expand your breadth even further. From your home page to your blog, content is an excellent way to market your business. An SEO company will include keywords in the proper places and density to attract search engines along with targeted traffic with an interest in your goods or services.

Periodic Reports

An SEO company will provide advice, updates and/or periodic reports about the progress of your website. These reports may include how much traffic your website gets and whether those visitors are converted into paying customers. Inbound links will be checked and new ones might be created. Your website ranking will be discussed, whether it goes up or down. The online climate is constantly changing and there are reasons why websites go up and down in ranking. It can take months to see results from a solid SEO marketing campaign. Keep in mind website that quickly soar up the search engines typically take a terrible fall shortly thereafter. While their business is falling apart, yours will slowly grow and maintain a decent ranking on the major search engines.

An SEO company is dedicated to marketing your business, updating your website and ensuring you do the right things to get noticed online. Instead of trying to do it yourself and getting less than stellar results, consider putting your digital marketing into the hands of a seasoned pro. Read testimonials and reviews, schedule a consultation and do your own research to ensure you’re hiring the right SEO company.

[box type=”shadow”]Main Takeaway: A good SEO company researches and analyzes your current website and marketing efforts to develop a viable strategy. An SEO pro helps tweak your web content, handles link building and gives you periodic reports about the progress of building your online presence.[/box]