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The Essentials of a Great Marketing Toolkit

Do you know that a great marketing toolkit can make your business stand out from the competition? The key to an effective marketing toolkit is including materials that identify your company’s unique selling proposition and differentiate you from every other business providing the same service as you.

A simple brochure is not going to cut it for you anymore. Everyone else already has that. You need to be different and make an impact that sticks. Keep reading to learn the essentials for a great marketing toolkit so your business can succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

Designing Your Marketing Toolkit

Like a toolbox for a construction worker, your marketing toolkit needs to include several tools that will leverage your company’s marketing plan effectively. It needs to be professional and include educational documents to get your message across to the prospect. Your marketing toolkit needs to be accessible both online and in print. You’ll find that the following tools are essential to your marketing success.

Your Value Proposition or Unique Selling Point

Before you dive any further into creating your marketing toolkit, you need to define your unique selling proposition. You can’t just tell prospects what you do. You must show them that you solve their specific problems.

The only reason your prospective client wants to buy from you is because you provide value. You need to clearly define what you offer and know all the benefits your client or customer will receive from purchasing from you. Whether you’re selling your time or a product, the value proposition is the first essential tool you need for your marketing plan.

Your Website

Your website offers prospects the easiest way of learning about your offerings. Include as many of these essential marketing toolkit pieces listed in this article into your website as possible. If your website is effectively designed and written persuasively, it can be an effective method of marketing your business while you sleep.

A Description of Your Services

Now that you have clearly defined what makes your business much different and better than the competition with your clearly defined value proposition, it’s time to share your services. Make sure your clients know what you do. But don’t just let them assume. Go into detail about each service and use this as another opportunity to set you apart.

Provide Case Studies

Every time you can prove that your services deliver results, you are demonstrating value to a prospective client. Take a look at past clients or industries that you’ve worked in and clearly outline how you overcame challenges.

With case studies, prospects put themselves into the shoes of other customers and clearly see how they’ll benefit from working with you. As you continue to work, always be mindful of new opportunities for case studies and create new ones as needed to attract new prospects.


Another method to prove your excellence, testimonials are direct quotes from previous clients that praise your work. Testimonials offer a great selling tool. Consider also using video and audio testimonials for a different yet possibly even stronger impact on prospective clients.

Company Letterhead & Envelopes with Your Logo

Even if most of your communication takes place in the digital world, providing letterhead with your company logo on it will surely get you noticed. Don’t just throw your letterhead together. Make sure it’s designed to send the best message it can about you.

Design it professionally and the executive from the prospective company won’t just throw it into the trash. Additionally, if you want to take this one step further and make your marketing toolkit even stronger, create a branded folder to include all your printed materials in. This will definitely get you noticed.

The Business Card

It’s not all just about LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. A well designed business card is an essential piece of your marketing toolkit and will deliver results. Include your contact information as well as any relevant online profiles or sites that your prospect could learn even more about you. Your business card is an essential piece of your brand and goes a long way in attracting new clients.

Your Story

Perhaps one of the most important pieces of your marketing toolkit, second only to your value proposition, your story is an essential way to connect with prospects and build rapport. People want to do business with other people. It’s all about relationships and your story, which could be featured on your site’s about page, offers an excellent opportunity to win over people and establish a personal connection.

Building Your Marketing Toolkit is a Process

Every point listed about is an essential piece to your successful marketing toolkit. Whether you use these tools on your business website or print them out on company letterhead to hand out in person, this marketing toolkit guide will help you attract prospective customers better than you ever have before. Remember that a great marketing toolkit is an evolving process that changes along with your business. Keep it updated regularly, and you’ll see a benefit that last a career.