make and build a custom wordpress websiteAre you looking to make or build a custom website that is mobile responsive, looks professional and gets you results? We can help you and we recommend WordPress! We’ll handle the whole process for you from designing a custom template to coding it into WordPress…we can even write and host your website.
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About WordPress

WordPress currently runs about 30% of the Internet. It’s such a popular platform to make and build a website because of the flexibility it offers. It’s easy to update content, you can enhance your website with various plugins and it’s very SEO friendly.

Our Website Creation Process

Creating a WordPress website doesn’t need to be complex or confusing. We follow a specific process to take most of the burden off your shoulders so you can concentrate on running your business.

Here’s how it works:

  • We have a kickoff call to discuss your goals, needs and preferences
  • We work on a custom designed mockup of your homepage and inner page.
  • We code the design into a mobile responsive WordPress template that loads fast.
  • We transfer your existing content into the template (we can help you write content too).
  • We push your website live and, if you need hosting, we’ve got you covered.

To help you grow your business, we’ll build you an effective website that showcases your products and services…a website that makes a great first impression and converts visitors into leads. And once it’s live, we can support your WordPress website as well as conveniently transition you into our WordPress SEO plan so you start getting more organic search engine traffic.

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Why is WordPress a Great Choice for Your Website?

Websites have become an integral part of personal and professional lives today. If you want to promote your profile online or if you want to reach out to your customers, you need a website that can appeal to your target audience. One of the major challenges for many business owners is that they are not sure about how to get started with a website. Having no technical expertise can be a major hurdle, but all that can come to an end when you build a WordPress website. Millions across the globe prefer to use a WordPress website that allows them to handle their online site options with ease.

Easy to Use and Create

One of the reasons why you must create a WordPress website is because they are easier to use and create than traditional sites. If you are trying to build a website through HTML, things can get complicated because you might not be aware of all of the aspects of HTML coding, or you may not be familiar with it at all. If you don’t have much technical expertise, it is recommended that you go for a WordPress site for your business or for personal use as it offers a better user interface that you can use to choose many different options. You can make changes to the site and use various features that ensure you are on the right track.

Responsive Templates

It is important that you make a WordPress website that looks good on desktop, laptops, and mobile devices. The templates need to be responsive and WordPress provides you with multiple responsive templates that make your site look good on both desktops and mobile screens. This ensures that your target audience gets a great seamless experience as they browse through the site. This also allows you to reach out to your audience and ensure that you make the best use of your site design.

WordPress is Budget-Friendly

The cost of a web development project can impact your budget initially and, therefore, it is recommended that you create a custom WordPress site that allows you to keep your costs low. You can hire a WordPress design company or web developers that can help you build your website at a low price. Since WordPress is available for free, the developers can work on a template or create a fresh site design and, therefore, the overall cost of the development project will be low. This should also mean that you can create your own business or personal site without pushing your budget and end up earning money from it.